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How to Clean Brass Fast & Easily?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to clean brass. Brass is not an element it is an alloy of 10-40%. Brass is quite popular due to its strength, malleability, beauty, resistance to corrosion, and ability to hold up against high temperatures. The manufacturing process of brass is also quite easy. Brass first came into the picture during ancient Romans period as they first use brass extensively. Brass was used to making coins, decorations, jewelry, and adornments for armor. Its ability to fight corrosion motivates people to use it in ship production.

Nowadays, brass is used in everything from wall clocks to fireplace to statues. When it comes to cleaning brass piece the last thing you don’t want is to cause any damage to it. There are several brass cleaning methods that you can use to clean brass.

How to Clean Brass

Steps to Clean Brass:

1.) Figure Out the Piece Material to Clean Brass

To identify whether the piece you want to clean is brass or not you just need a magnet.  Place the magnet near the piece if it does not get attracted then it is brass. If the magnet sticks then the piece is brass plated iron or steel. The modern brass pieces are usually covered with an outer coating of lacquer which protects the brass from getting oxidized.

However, the older, antique pieces of brass do not have that lacquered coating. In fact, you can figure out the difference in outer layer by simply looking at its surface. The surface will have a clear finish yellow shade covering and the alloy will only tarnish if there is a crack in the lacquer coating.

Your first defense for keeping your brass pieces clean is by regularly dusting using a soft rag. After dusting your brass (lacquered), dip a soft cotton cloth into a solution of mild dish detergent and lukewarm water. Remove out the excess solution from the cloth so it’s only slightly damp, and then gently wipe the brass surface clean. After cleaning the surface, use a twisted out cloth dipped in clean water to eliminate any remaining soap, and then dry the brass piece thoroughly

2.) Start the Cleaning Process in the Kitchen to Clean Brass

You need to fill your sink with warm water just the amount it completely submerged the brass piece. Mix in little liquid dish detergent, do not use harsh detergent. If the brass is lacquered then dip a soft cotton rag into the soap and water after that ring excess water that it is only slightly damp, and then gently wipe the surface clean. If the piece is not lacquered, then soak it few minutes. Use a cotton rag to wash it off. You can use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean the cracks and detailing.

3.) Baking Soda to Clean Brass

Boil water in a non-aluminum pot and add few teaspoons each of baking soda and washing soda. This method is only useful if the brass is lacquered and you need to remove it. The chemical ingredients easily wear off the lacquered layer from the surface of brass. Alternatively, submerge the brass piece in the boiling water for ten minutes and then remove it with care. When brass cools down the lacquered layer automatically get removed.

4.) Ketchup to Clean Brass

If it sounds crazy so let you know that ketchup is indeed a really effective ingredient to purely clean brass. You just need to apply some ketchup all over the dirty brass and then let it sit for at least ten minutes and wash it off.

5.) Worcestershire Sauce to Clean Brass

You can also try Worcestershire to clean your brass piece same as with the ketchup. Wait for few minutes to let the acidity of the stuff work and then wash it off. You will be really surprised to see that your piece is completely clean. Finally, rinse it off really well.

6.) White Vinegar and Salt to Clean Brass

White vinegar is yet another wonderful ingredient to clean brass piece. Simply, pour white vinegar over your brass object and then sprinkle it with some common salt.  It will work like a charm. The white vinegar can also provide brass strength. Using a soft cloth wipe down the brass.

7.) Yogurt to Clean Brass

Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps you clean your brass object naturally. You just need to coat your brass piece with yogurt and let it sit until it dries completely. Then, simply buff it off with a soft dry cotton cloth. Finally, rinse it off really well.

8.) Milk and water to Clean Brass

Lactic acid has proven to be effective in cleaning brass. You just need to simmer your tarnished brass in a solution of equal part of milk and water. Now, simmer the piece in the solution and wait for one hour. Then, rinse it off really well as rotten milk may stink.

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