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How to Clean Sterling Silver?

In this article, we will tell you some basic methods to clean sterling silver. It’s hard not to be mad about sterling silver jewelry. The luster, brilliance, and versatility of sterling silver, makes it as one of the most popular metal for jewelry. The problem with sterling silver is that it gets tarnished because of sulfur that comes in its contact. This tarnish makes the silver discolored. Just go through the article and read the basic tips to clean sterling silver like a new one.

Clean Sterling Silver

Methods to Clean Sterling Silver

1.) Soap Water to Clean Sterling Silver

Steps to Use Soap Water:

  • Lukewarm water and a soft dish-washing soap that is free of ammonia and phosphate is the best method to clean sterling silver.
  • It is the first line of defense to remove tarnish if the polishing cloth fails.
  • Soap and water is the first thing you should apply to clean your sterling silver pieces before applying any of the methods listed below.

2.) Baking Soda to Clean Sterling Silver

Steps to Use Baking Soda:

  • You might have applied non-whitening and non-gel toothpaste to clean sterling silver.
  • Toothpaste has also done its job quite well. It can be a good alternative for the commercial silver cleaners.
  • Nowadays these toothpaste are using hard chemicals that can corrode the silver if applied.
  • In its place, you can make a paste of two spoons of baking soda and one spoon of water.
  • Use a clean soft cloth to apply a small amount to the clean sterling silver.
  • For carved, stamped or full items, use more water to form the paste thin and use a fresh, mild-bristled brush to clean the cracks and crevices.
  • Wipe the silver piece or jewelry under tap water, and dry with a soft cloth.

3.) Lemon Juice to Clean Sterling Silver

Steps to Use Lemon Juice:

  • Lemon juice has the tendency to remove stains and dirt from the sterling silver.
  • Lemon juice is quite acidic to balance its acidity, add some olive oil in it.
  • Mix a cup of lemon juice with a spoon of olive oil in a large bowl that is big enough to hold the solution to clean and a small microfiber cloth.
  • Soak the cloth in the liquid solution and squeeze it out so that it doesn’t drop, then polish the silver, clean, and dry.

4.) Vinegar to Clean Sterling Silver

Steps to Use Vinegar:

  • Vinegar is a renowned remedy to clean sterling silver.
  • Use this mild cleaner to take away heavy tarnish that’s stopping you to clean sterling silver.
  • Absorb the tarnished piece in a solution of half cup of white vinegar and mix some baking soda for a few hours like two to three hours, then clean and dry.

5.) Aluminum Foil to Clean Sterling Silver

Steps to Use Aluminium Foil:

  • You can take the benefit of a basic chemical reaction to clean your sterling silver.
  • All you require is some salt, baking soda, and aluminum foil.
  • In the base of the kitchen sink or a glass roasting pan apply aluminum foil, with dull side facing down.
  • Place the sterling silver items on top of the aluminum foil.
  • Now, pour hot water over the silver pieces until they are soaked and add two spoons each of salt and baking soda.
  • Mix the solution in such a way that the baking soda gets dissolved in it completely.
  • The chemical reaction lets the tarnish to get to the foil, and in a few minutes you’ll see the tarnish vanish from the silver items.
  • Remove the silver items from the hot water using nitrile gloves or using the salad tongs.
  • Clean sterling silver items with water, then dry and rub with a soft cloth.
  • Your silver items will be like new ones and sparkling clean.
  • Follow the same method if not satisfied with the shine.

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