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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet?

In this article we will guide you about how to fold a fitted sheet. Folding a fitted sheet rather than just squeezing it up is a convenient way to keep your linens organized. It also saves you as much storage area as possible. Whether you love to keep things neat and tidy or just want to save space, you can gain a lot from learning how to efficiently fold a fitted sheet. It is an easy and simple method. Once you get used to it, you’ll be folding a fitted sheet in seconds. Below we have mentioned step by step guidance about how to fold a fitted sheet.

Steps to Fold a Fitted Sheet:

Here we will show you two methods to fold a fitted sheet. Choose one which suits you the best. Also, we have given images sequentially to make it easier for you to understanding. So, let us learn these two methods to know how to fold a fitted sheet.

1.) Method 1 to Fold a Fitted Sheet:How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Method 1 A

For this method, it will be best if you do it on a flat surface such as a bed, floor, table, etc. This way you can lay the sheet flat while folding. Make sure the place is neat and tidy and your sheet doesn’t get dirt while you perform this method.

  • Start by folding your sheet in half. Then turn two of the corners inside out so that they fit precisely into the other side of the sheet. This will give crisp corners to your sheet.
  • For the corners, simply turn one of the lower corners inside out and place your hand inside it. Now put your pointer finger in the corner seam so that you can match it up closely with the other corner on the other side of your sheet.
  • After that, put the corner right inside the corresponding top corner of the sheet. Repeat the same process with the other side of the sheet and then it will look like the given image.
  • Then, just even up all the corners of the sheet, top and bottom.
    How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Method 1 B
  • Next, begin folding again. Fold the crib sheets in thirds (like we fold a letter).
  • Now, you may begin with folding either the top down of the sheet or the bottom up, it’s up to your choice.
  • In case of larger sheets, you can draw an imaginary line in the center of your sheet and fold both the top and bottom edges evenly towards the imaginary central line of your sheet. (The larger bed sheets will end up being folded up in fourths.
  • Make sure that you square off all the corners to get crisp edges and pointed corners.
  • Now, fold the next side up or simply down. The sheet will be long and narrow like it is shown in the picture.
  • Now once again match up all the corners as precisely as you can. Try to square them off as accurately as you can. You will find that due to the rounded, elastic edges, it would not be totally square on the one side. This is okay. You will see that the other side (the one which is opposite of the elastic) have corners and edges are more square. These are the edges and corners which will be facing outward when you are done folding a fitted sheet.
  • Next, simply bring one of the sides of the sheet towards the center, folding in thirds again (like a letter).
  • For bigger sized sheets, you can either fold the sheet towards the center again as you performed in the earlier step — in fourths, or else you can also fold it over several times on itself. It depends on the size of your sheet; you may have a few more folds.
  • Finally, fold the sheet over again and adjust all the corners and edges of the sheet. Congrats! You have learned it. Now you are all set to put it in the linen closet.

2.) Method 2 to Fold a Fitted Sheet

This method is the more common among the two. Chances are that you might have already seen this one, but it’s good to refresh your memory. To start this method, we can begin as before.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Method 2

  • This time, you will need to take folding corners inside-out a step further. When you get to this point, you will need to take one of the double corners and move it inside-out one more time. Bring it over to make it meet the other side. Now, tuck it inside the other side’s corner.
  • You will notice that all the corners are tucked accurately into each other. You can see the image to know what it will look like. Straighten all the corners and even them up to make them look neat and tidy when it’s completely folded.
  • After that, fold the right side of the sheet towards the center, again in thirds like folding a letter.
  • Bigger sheets can be folded in thirds or fourths depending on how large you want the folded sheet to be when you’re done.
  • It is better to go with fourths in case of the larger sheets. This is because of the fact that it fits better on shelf and matches the folded flat sheet better as well.
  • Now, fold the left side of the sheet over. Remember to straighten those corners again.
  • Finally, turn the sheet and fold it in half.
  • Again, in case of larger sheets, you will have to try around with number of folds you need, to make it a right size for your shelf.
  • Everything completed! This may seem a bit confusing in starting, but practice it for an hour and you will surely get used to it. And, this formerly boring chore of folding fitted sheets will be an effortless task.

Additional Tips to Fold a Fitted Sheet:

  • If you can purchase 2 or 3 matching sets at the same time, then bottom sheets, top sheets and pillow covers (same size) will be substitutable. As it is difficult to find the same type on a different day. Therefore try to purchase them all at the same time only.
  • You can also color-code your closet; for example, green sheets for crib-sized mattress, blue sheets for twin-sized mattresses, and Yellow sheets for king-sized mattresses.

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