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How to Get Ink Out of Leather?

In this article, we will discuss ways to get ink out of leather. Whether it’s a leather jacket, purse, or other any other item, the ink stains can ruin your leather and its items appearance. The main thing you need to remember that while removing ink you should not further damage your leather. Read more, to know best remedies and ways to remove ink stains from leather.

How to Get Ink out of Leather

Ways to Get Ink Out of Leather:

1. Determine Whether the Leather is Naked or Finished

Naked leathers are extremely porous and essentially untouched. It is difficult to clean naked leather without professional help. To check for naked leather you need to put a drop of water on the surface of the leather. If water gets soaked in, the leather is unfinished or naked and it will require professional aid. If the water beads up then the leather is finished and you can begin cleaning process. You should not try to clean unfinished leather (like suede) instead go to a dry cleaner for ink stain removal.

2. Make Use of Hairspray

You might think how a hairspray can be useful to get ink out of leather? Well, using a hairspray is one of the most effective ways to get ink out of clothes. It might not the most glamorous cleaning agent. However, some ink incapacitates swear by it.

Here’s what you need to do in order to remove the Stain:

  • Soak a Q-tip or cotton swab in hairspray.
  • Quickly take out the Q-tip and attack the spot of the foul.
  • Then, apply leather cleaner and conditioner to the spot. Hairspray can easily dry out leather and will cause it to begin crack. So, it’s important to treat the leather after using the method.
  • Repeat the process until the ink stain is removed.

3. Try Using Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol

The 70% concentrated isopropyl alcohol is particularly effective and has worked for some leather owners in the past. To use the method, soak a Q-tip or cotton swab with a little bit of rubbing alcohol before rubbing it onto the stained leather items. Alcohol is capable of drying the leather so you should couple this method with leather cleaner and conditioner afterward. You can also repeat the method if it is necessary.

4. Try Saddle Soap to Get Ink Out of Leather

Saddle soap not only cleans leather but it also protects it. Saddle soap is usually a combination of very gentle soaps and moisturizers such as glycerin and lanolin, which aid rehydrate the leather after cleaning. If you want to treat the leather better and increase its lifespan then apply saddle soap in little quantities and do it regularly.

5. Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to Get Ink Out of Leather

Leather cleaner and conditioner work much like saddle soap as these products help in both cleaning the leather and hydrating it. They also help to stave off cracking. Although ink stains may be stubborn for some leather so, give leather cleaner and conditioners a chance to see the difference it makes.

6. Magic Eraser to Remove Ink from Leather

Magic eraser can be a really effective treatment to get rid of ink out of leather. Wet the tip of a magic eraser and then directly rub it into the stain. Magic erasers contain “melamine foam” which helps remove tricky stains easily. Finish the work by applying a leather conditioner using a clean towel.

7. Non-Acetone Bases Nail-Polish Remover to Get Ink Out of Leather

The non-acetone based nail polish remover is an effective method for removing ink stains. Just dip a little on a Q-Tip and then rub the Q-tip against the stain. Finish the work with a nice bit of leather cleaner and conditioner as this will prevent the leather from unnecessarily drying out.

8. Milk to Remove Ink from Leather

Yes, you read it right ! It is milk. Trust us, this one of the best and convenient remedy to get rid of ink from leather, since it is easily available. All you have to do is soak the stained area in the bowl filled with the milk.  The milk will gradually fade away the color of the stain. After a few minutes when the milk is filthy enough, fill the bowl with the fresh milk and repeat the entire process until the stain is removed completely.

9. Ink Stick to Remove Ink Stains from Leather

You can also use an ink stick to remove the ink stain from the leather. Most of the professional cleaners use the same remedy to remove the ink stains from the laundry. It can little expensive as compared to the above remedies. However, it will give you good result. Moreover, it is quite easy to use as well.

10. Spot Cleaning to Remove the Stain

Before trying the above listed remedies directly on the stain, do a patch test. All you have to do is apply a solution of the remedy on the inconspicuous area and wipe it off. Scrub it gently, if the remedy does not damage the fabric that means you can use to remove the stain. However, if it effects the fabric slightly even, avoid this remedy. It can ruin the entire fabric.

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