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How to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes?

Chocolate, blood, red wine and nail polish all these liquids have the tendency to stain clothes. These stains tempt you to simply get rid of the clothing or change them as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is a range of tested and tried methods to get nail polish out of clothes. It is not a new thing to remove the nail polish out of clothes as it can happen to anybody. The reason of nail polish on the clothes is because of ignorance while putting it on the nails. Nail polish comes in wide range of colors from green, yellow, pink and red. The combinations of the nail polish enhance the beauty of the person’s nails. They are not liked at all if get spilled on the clothes. Read more to know ways to get nail polish stains out of clothes.

Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

Methods to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes:

1. Acetone to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

To get nail polish stain out of clothes, first, read the notice above the fabric about its fiber content whether it is made from triacetate or the acetate. Acetone works quite well for clothes made of linen, cotton, denim, and silk. If you have any doubt about the cloth, just apply in the area of the cloth that is not visible easily.

  • Take away the label of clothing.
  • Put the nail polish stained part of the cloth to the top of several paper towels.
  • This will ensure that the stain is in touch with the paper towels.
  • Soak a small part of the cloth or paper towel with acetone.
  • Acetone is easily available in the nail polish remover section of the drugstores.
  • Rub the nail polish stain with the soaked paper towel having acetone in it.
  • Clean and check the nail polish stained area.
  • If the nail polish stain is not completely removed, apply the acetone again.
  • Follow the above steps until the nail polish stain is gone.
  • If the stain is gone completely, be certain to wash the cloth in your usual detergent.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Nail Polish Out of Fabric

Particularly if you are treating a cloth that can be damaged by nail polish remover, try hydrogen peroxide to get nail polish out of the clothes. Hydrogen peroxide may lighten color out of the cloth, so be sure to test this liquid on the area of the cloth that will is hidden completely.

  • Apply the hydrogen peroxide onto the cloth with the help of clean white cloth or a paper towel.
  • Use a clean area of the towel to rub the stain.
  • Follow these steps until the nail polish stain are gone.
  • Do not forget to wash the cloth area with warm, clean water to take away the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Clean the cloth before wearing it again, if possible to do so.

3. Alcohol to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

Every person has a rubbing alcohol in the medicine kit. This is a low-cost home remedy to remove nail polish from clothes, carpets, and jeans.

  • Take the cloth and put the nail polish stain down on the heap of paper towels.
  • Absorb the tip of paper towel in rubbing alcohol and start applying the alcohol to the nail polish stain.
  • You will see that some of the nail polish colors come off onto the tip of paper towel; change the tip of the paper towel after every application.
  • Follow the same process again until the nail polish stain is gone.
  • Clean the cloth before wearing it again.

4. Bug Spray to Get Nail Polish Out of Fabric

Trust this remedy or not, but it is true that you can use bug spray to get nail polish out of clothes. Make sure to test it on a hidden part of the cloth before using this method.

  • Take away the garment label.
  • Onto the stain spray bug spray until it is wet.
  • Take an old toothbrush, to slowly rub the wet nail polish stain.
  • Follow the same process until the nail polish stain is removed.
  • Make sure to clean the cloth before you wear it again.

5. Hair Spray to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

Hair spray is loaded with acetone that helps to get nail polish out of clothes. Always apply first on the covered area of the cloth.

  • Apply the hair spray on the cloth.
  • Wait for a few minutes and rub with a clean cloth.
  • Follow the same process, until the stain is eliminated.

Methods to Remove Nail Polish from Upholstery, Carpets, and Jeans:

1. Wipe Off Nail Polish to Prevent Nail Polish Stain

Wipe off the nail polish as soon as it spills on the upholstery. Do not let it dry. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe off the nail polish from the clothes. Make sure, you remove the nail polish in the short swipes otherwise it will spread around. For effective results  use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to not let the upholstery absorb the nail polish.

2. Dab Some Acetone on the Nail Polish Stains

With the help of the cotton dab some acetone on the stains. Then rub it generously to remove the stains. Do not pour the acetone on the stain, otherwise, it will spill around. And, before using the acetone on the upholstery do a patch test, since there are many fabrics that are not ideal for acetone application.

3. Blot the Nail Polish with a Clean Cloth

Use a clean cloth to blot the stained area. Then use a clean towel or cloth to blot it again. Then apply some acetone and repeat blotting until the stain removes completely. While working on upholstery be gentle, otherwise the fabric may get damage.

4. Rinse the Stained Area to Get Nail Polish Stain Out

Once the blotting is completed, rinse the stained area with the warm water. Use a sponge for doing so. It will help you to remove the traces of hydrogen peroxide and acetone. Then leave it dry completely by then do not use it.

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