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How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes?

Fried foods are unhealthy foods that pose a risk to our health, but vegetable and cooking oils and their greasy scums can lead to pretty big risk to our clothing. The oil stains may not appear like much as they aren’t lively and clear.  Instead, these oil stains have a tendency to to somewhat darken the cloth in the areas they cause stain. Unluckily getting those clothes to let go of the oil stains can be a little difficult. If you let it to dry the oil stain completely then it can set it forever. The key to get out oil stains and greasy stains are to wash them in the hottest water that is harmless for the cloth.

Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes

Tools to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes

  • Spoon or dull knife to take away excess oil.
  • A bottle of liquid washing detergent to remove the oil stain.
  • One liquid dish soap, but make sure that it is a basic kind that doesn’t have any lotion added.

Steps to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes

  • Do not make your task any tougher than it has to be. Take out as much extra oil as possible with a spoon or dull knife. This will make you stress-free to clean the area of the cloth that is oil stained. This act will also prevent any oil from going deep into other parts of the cloth, creating new oil stain areas that need to be cleaned.
  • Now, apply liquid dish or laundry detergent to the oil stained area. All these liquid laundry detergents have the tendency to remove oil and grease stains, but for dry oil stains you may require to use liquid dish soap. You need to pour enough on the oil stain that it absorbs through both the sides.
  • Let the liquid to rest on it for a few minutes to work it properly on stains and to go completely deep through the oil stains on cloth. As it absorbs into the cloth it starts to remove the grease and oil stains. If you let it rest for up to ten minutes it is still ok, but don’t let the area to dry completely.
  • Rinse in the hottest water that is safe for the cloth. Look at the tags to know what water temperature the cloth can handle to use for washing. It will be easier for you if the water is hot for the oil to be removed completely.
  • After rinsing for a while, look to make sure that the oil stain is completely removed before you dry the clothes. If some oil stains are still present, follow the earlier steps again.
  • It is recommended to allow the clothes to dry in the open air to make sure that there is no oil stain or black ring is present in the cloth. If there is no oil stain is present, it means the clothing is safe to be rinsed and dried normally. If there are some oil stains still present, then you’ll need to follow the earlier steps again.

Tips to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes

  • You can also try a good quality dish soap to remove the cooking oil stains out in place of laundry the detergent. The decorative dish soaps are not as effective on the oil stains but they are great for your hands. Avoid using them and try the basic soaps to remove the oil stain out of the cloth. Always try for the one that promises to get oil stains out of clothes.
  • Try to wash the part of the cloth having oil stains not the entire cloth in the hot water.
  • You can use hot running water for oil stained part and then wash normally.
  • Always take care of reading the tags of the clothing that you are washing. Some cloth types can be damaged by very hot water.

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