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How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet?

Carpet is a costly item that we don’t like to spoil from the stains caused by the spilling of red wine. Red wine stains are difficult to remove, if not removed initially. Read the article below to know the methods to get red wine out of carpet.

Get Red Wine out of Carpet

Methods to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

1.) Blotting to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

The first step to remove red wine out of carpet is to do blotting. It does not matter which way you choose to get red wine out of carpet, the first step is always the blotting. Take a clean white cloth or towel and just press the towel or cloth to the stain, caused by the red wine. Absorb as much as red wine as you can out of carpet. Don’t rub at all, as rubbing can drive the stain deeper into the fibers of carpet.

2.) Salt to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

When you are busy and don’t have time to get red wine stain out of carpet as guests are present then don’t worry. You can save your carpet by using your salt shaker. After finishing the blotting of the red wine stain, just pour salt onto the red wine spilled area. The salt helps to soak the red wine stain and can be easily removed with the vacuum cleaner when you wish to treat the stain. You can follow the same method with the baking Soda also as it can also be used to absorb the red wine stain.

3.) Club Soda to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

Club soda is an active ingredient found in mixed drinks. It is a popular home remedy to get red wine out of carpet. The soda carbonation and the sodium components help to remove the stains caused by red wine. Apply some amount of club soda to the red wine stain. After applying and blotting the soda, you will see that some stains are removed. Now, apply a mixture of dish soap and warm water to the remaining stain. Use a clean towel to press the soda until stain is removed properly. If red wine stains are strong then use small amount of hydrogen peroxide with club soda.

4.) White Wine to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

White wine helps to deactivate the red wine stains on the carpet. Simply drizzle some white wine on top of the stain caused by the red wine and do blotting. White wine helps to get red wine stain out of carpet and helps to prevent it from going deep into the fibers of carpet.

5.) Call Professionals to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

There is numerous professional carpet cleaning companies in the market. They have access to machines and industrial strength products that the consumer cannot buy. The stains that are difficult, delicate and old are easily removed by professionals. They will remove the stain using chemical and special detergent. The professionals will also be able to offer you various options to guard your carpet from other stains. It is important to do blotting earlier to remove as much red wine as you can.

6.) Shampoo to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

The best time to treat the red wine stain with shampoo is directly after blotting. The newer the stain, the chances are more that you’ll be able to take out them with less trouble. To get red wine out of carpet just use carpet shampoo with some hydrogen peroxide. Add a spoon of carpet shampoo with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Soak a clean scrubber in the liquid solution and apply the mixture onto the stain. Rub continuously until the red wine stain is removed. Once the stain is removed, wash the shampoo from the carpet using lukewarm water and a clean towel.

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