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How to Hand Wash Clothes Easily?

In this article, we will discuss how to hand wash clothes easily? Most of the people are so habituated to washing machines now-a-days that they can’t even think of hand washing clothes. Who would want to hand wash clothes when they have their friend (washing machine) to help them do this task. But, sometimes there can be situations when you may have to hand wash your clothes because of your machine failure or you have some delicate clothes which need to be hand washed only. There can be different reasons behind it. So, here we have mentioned some steps that you must follow accordingly to hand wash clothes easily and safely.

How to Hand Wash Clothes

Steps to Hand Wash Clothes

  1. First arrange your clothes according to colors. Make a set of darks and lights in order to wash them separately in two batches.
  2. Now, take a bucket or washing basin and fill it with warm water. In case you don’t have either, you can go for a bathtub or plugged sink.
  3. Next, take a liquid detergent or stain remover and rub it into any tough stains. You can do this by dipping a finger or two into a capful of liquid detergent, dab the tough stains with it. Then pour the rest of the cap in the bucket as per the dosing instructions on the label.
  4. Whatever brand you go for, make sure you use the right detergent according to your fabric to hand wash clothes properly. This is done to prevent delicate garments from any strong detergent use as such garments usually need a gentle product.
  5. After mixing liquid detergent, soak each item of clothing in the water for a few minutes. You need to make sure that they are fully absorbed in the detergent.
  6. Now, start washing each item with your hands. Knead and twist the clothes in order to give them a thorough wash. Pay special attention to dirty spots, especially collar and cuff area (in case of shirts).
  7. Next, rinse the clothes warm and fresh water. Take each item under the tap and wring out until all the detergent is squeezed from them.
  8. Then allow the clothes to get air dry.
  9. Congrats! Now you know how to hand wash clothes.

Some Essential Hand Washing Clothes Tips to Follow:

  • Before you begin washing clothes, make sure your check the wash care label to know what temperature of water your specific item needs. This is important as some delicate clothes need to be washed in cold water to prevent them from getting shrink.
  • If you get a stain on your clothes it is suggested to act quickly to get rid of it. This is because it is easier to remove stain while it is fresh and not when it is dried.
  • You can wear rubber gloves when hand washing to prevent any skin irritation. This will help you protect your sensitive or damaged skin from washing solutions.
  • Avoid damaging your delicate clothes using a harsh detergent. Such strong detergent can make them faded, or become discolored or even shrink. Garments and fabrics such as silk, wool, or lace should always be washed with a suitable detergent.
  • You should try to avoid hanging your clothes to make them dry. This can stretch them badly because of the fact that they are heavy when wet. Instead of hanging, you can dry them by laying them on a clothes rack. This will not only prevent them from stretching but also prevent them from getting wrinkles at the time of drying process – save time for ironing.

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