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How to Charge a Car Battery?

There are numerous reasons your car battery could expire. The common reason for the same is not starting your car for a long period of time, parking your car in the freezing outdoor temperatures, forgot to turn off the headlights or lights of the car, and many more. If you want to charge a car battery, a functional car and a set of jumper cables with a fully charged battery is needed. After getting these things, you have to do some hard work by connecting the batteries to one another with the help of jumper cables, and charge the dead battery by moving energy from the working battery. Read the article to learn about the crucial steps you need to take to safely and correctly charge a dead car battery using the jumper cables.

Charge a Car Battery

Methods to Charge a Car Battery

(A) Jumper Cables to Charge a Car Battery

1.) Inspection of Battery

Steps to Follow:

  • Your battery should not be having any cracks to leak the harmful acid out.
  • Do not try to jump-start your vehicle if your battery shows signs of these leakages, as you may get harm to yourself or others if you do so.

2.) Take Necessary Precautions

Steps to Follow:

  • Always take necessary precautions before touching the dead battery.
  • Make sure you have worn the goggles, mask and gloves to protect yourself.
  • The sulfuric acid present in the battery is quite dangerous for the skin as it can burn it fast.

3.) Check for Corrosion

Steps to Follow:

  • Corrosion is an important thing that plays in the changing of car battery.
  • Check that the cables of the battery are not corroded.
  • Also look for the terminals of the battery that they are not corroded.
  • Clean them regularly with a brush having stiff bristles.

4.) Drive the Charge Car Battery near to Dead Battery

Steps to Follow:

  • Drive the car having charge battery close to the car having dead battery without allowing the cars to touch one another. The best position for this work is to either place the cars close to one another having faced in the same way, or opposite one another nose-to-nose.
  • Make sure that the space between each car’s batteries is near enough for the jumper cables to attach the cars together. The Jumper cables length of depends mostly on their style and company.
  • Do not try to attach two different sets of jumper cable together if your main set isn’t sufficient long. This can lead to the melting of the jumper cables and fire will begin.

5.) Open the Front Hood of both the Cars

Steps to Follow:

  • When the cars are facing in the same direction.
  • It is now time to open their front hood and look for the battery.
  • Look for the positive and negative terminal of the both the car batteries.

6.) Attach Both the Cables to Charge Battery

Steps to Follow:

  • The positive end of the jumper cable is commonly red in color.
  • First fix one terminal of the positive jumper cable to the dead battery, and then fix the other positive end of the cable to the charged battery.
  • The negative end of the jumper cable is commonly black in color.
  • First fix one terminal of the negative jumper cable to the dead battery, and then fix the other negative end of the cable to the charged battery.
  • Negative terminal mostly work as a ground for the car having dead battery.
  • You can fix the ground cable to the chassis, component and frame that is clean and not having any kind of paint or oxidation.
  • Now, start the engine of the charge battery car.
  • Wait for a few minutes to pass the current to the dead battery.
  • This will charge the dead battery and it starts to build its own charge.

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