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How to Clean a Flat Screen TV?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to clean a flat screen TV. Flat screen displays such as new LCD TV or monitors are quite different from conventional CRT displays. Their panels are totally different and need different way treatment while cleaning them. Older model displays (CRT) had thick glass which could easily be cleaned without worry of damage with window cleaner and a paper towel. However, LCD or flat screen TV need proper measures while cleaning them else you gonna end up breaking the film. They are made of specially designed flexible plastic and is very sensitive to harsh chemicals. The hard chemicals used in cleaner may end up with a blank flat screen. Now, it is very important to have proper knowledge before you clean a flat screen TV without causing damage.

How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

Best Way to Safely Clean a Flat Screen TV:

1.) Prepare the Screen to Clean a Flat Screen TV

You should turn off your screen before cleaning it as you will see dirt easily. However, ideally, you should unplug it to avoid any problem. Do not attempt to clean a screen until it is cool to the touch. If you attempt to clean warm/hot screens like those found on plasma HDTVs makes them hard to clean and can also damage them at worst.

2.) Remove The Dust to Clean a Flat Screen TV

Try to remove as much dust you can without actually touching it. To remove dust you can use a can of compressed air held upright and at least a foot or more from the screen. It will dislodge most electrostatically-adhered dust particles. More ideal than a can of compressed air would be to use a simple rubber dusting bulb. The best way to clean a flat screen TV is by touching it as minimum as possible.

3.) Wipe the Screen with a Dry and Clean Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber clothes are specially made to clean delicate screen. It is a miracle of modern technology in a good sense. Remember, other than microfiber you should not use any paper towels, kitchen towels, household rags. The only microfiber has access to touch your screen. Microfiber is capable of removing even stubborn dust that won’t blow off the screen.

4.) Avoid Making Circular “Buffing” Motions While Cleaning a Flat Screen TV

You should clean a flat screen TV with a slow and light touch moving in as broad a motion as possible. Do not clean the screen in a circular motion instead does it from left to right or up and down across the screen. A microfiber cloth will not cause any harm to the screen when you clean in a circular motion but it will create buffed out spots or whorl marks on the screen. The safest way of doing it is by light pressure and wide movements.

5.) Dampened Microfiber Cloth with Distilled Water

Microfiber is good enough to lift the dust and oil on its own. However, you can increase its power by slightly dampen the cloth with distilled water. You can purchase distilled water at your local grocer and is commonly used for humidifiers and irons. The microfiber should be damp enough that it feels wet but not too wet that any water could be wrung out. Note, do not drop a single drop of water on the screen as it the water gets entered in the bezel, the panel will be damaged.

Additional Tips to Clean a Flat Screen TV:

  • You should never apply cleaning fluid directly to the screen. As mentioned earlier that chemicals used in cleaner can react with a delicate screen of your TV and ultimately damage it.
  • Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning fluid on your screen.
  • Never use any paper towels or general purpose cleaning rags.

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