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How to Clean a Glass Pipe?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to clean a glass pipe at home. If you have a glass pipe that needs a thorough cleaning then getting resin and gunk out is remarkably easy and cheap. You just need a little grit and patience. By using simple household items, you can have your glass pipe sparkling clear.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe

Top Ways to Clean a Glass Pipe:

1.) Rubbing Alcohol to Clean a Glass Pipe

Fill a plastic resealable bag 90% isopropyl as it will clean the glass pipe faster 71% solution. Place the glass pipe inside the bag making sure it is fully submerged in the fluid. Now, add one tablespoon of salt to the bag. Shake the glass pipe in the bag and soak the pipe for a few hours and repeat in the morning to clean dirty pipes. Add a splash of fresh isopropyl and submerged the pipe in the fluid. Then, rinse out the glass pipe with hot water to remove the alcohol and salt. Wipe out any remaining spots with a glass pipe cleaner or cotton swabs.

2.) Warm Water to Clean a Glass Pipe

Warm water can be really effective in cleaning a glass pipe. You can easily knock out any lingering gunk or ash. You should do a basic cleaning by knocking out loose resin sing a cotton swab. Now, simply rinse the pipe out with warm water. Make sure to not use cold water before apply warm water as the temperature change can break the glass. Place glass pipe in boiling water, the level of water should be enough to cover the piece. While water is evaporating, make sure you keep an eye such that your pipe doesn’t end up alone in a hot pan. Allow the pipe to soak for twenty minutes in simmering water. Now, remove the pot from heat and drain out hot water.

Note; do not try to pour cold water after removing it from the hot pan as it will shatter the glass.

3.) Try Using Denture Cleaning Tablets to Clean a Glass Pipe

Put your glass pipe the bottom of a Tupperware and fill it up with hot water to the top. Drop in two denture tablets and allow it to sit and soak for a thirty minutes. The carbonate will remove a lot of resin, and the tablet is designed to remove stains and residue.

4.) Use Specialty Cleaning Solutions to Clean a Glass Pipe

There are few products like Simple Green and Formula 420 which especially are made to clean the resins in glass pipes. The only disadvantage of using them is the price. They are bit expensive than the simple DIY cleaning techniques. The other problem using them is, many people do not find them effective. That said, they can eliminate the need for shaking or messes.

5.) Freeze to Clean a Glass Pipe

Freezing dirty glass pipe is a wonderful method to clean it easily. Freezing causes the resin to be hardened and dry up. Freeze the pipe for half an hour then quickly use a needle or anything similarly sharp to knock off the resin. You need to work quickly as it will not take long for the resin become gummy again.

6.) Clean Your Pipe Regularly

To keep your glass piece shiny forever, you should soak the piece in some isopropyl once a week. It will take only five minutes in a week but prevent hours of hard work once they acquire resin. After few months of negligence, glass pipe can get stains which will not come out easily.

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