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How to Clean a Humidifier?

Humidifiers are a blessing during the dry winter months. They not only help to remove dry skin problems, but also lower the air borne illnesses. We are quite lucky to have them in our houses. A humidifier benefits by relieving from cold, allergy, cough, nose bleeding, the flu, sinusitis, and hay fever that mostly happens in winter season. It also relieves and prevents from skin to get dry and scratchy. The static electricity is also lowered by the use of humidifier. It improves the quality of air at the home, which is helpful for the asthma patients. A humidifier helps to promote a feeling of ease in the home by keeping the air hydrated. Last but not the least it helps the babies and kids to sleep peacefully. It is quite helpful in your house only if it is properly cleaned and cared for.  It can actually be harmful to your health and well-being if not cleaned properly. Bacteria and the mold grow in its tanks and get into the air through the haze, so cleaning your humidifier is very important. Read the article to learn the steps to clean a humidifier.

Clean a Humidifier

Material Required to Clean a Humidifier

Things Required:

  • White vinegar
  • Humidifier
  • Tap water
  • Bleach or tea tree oil
  • Bottle brush (if required)

Steps to Clean a Humidifier

1.) Dismantle to Clean a Humidifier

Steps to Follow:

  • After taking out any left over water in tank, take separately your humidifier and place the pieces of humidifier out in front of you.
  • All humidifiers will have a catch or lock to take away the piece over the boiler section, so if it feels like it should remove down a little more, chances are it will.
  • You’ll rapidly see which areas of the humidifier need attention.

2.) Vinegar to Clean a Humidifier

Steps to Follow:

  • Vinegar is your best buddy when it comes to clean a humidifier. It helps to kill the bacteria in the tank of the humidifier.
  • It removes the need for bleach and cleans humidifier in a cheap manner.
  • Add vinegar to two distinct places of the humidifier: the water tank and base.
  • If you have detachable pieces, place them distinctly in a bowl and steep with vinegar to help remove deposits.

3.) Use Brush to Clean a Humidifier

Steps to Follow:

  • All the humidifiers, mostly the good one, come with their own brush for cleaning.
  • Else, use a thermos brush to remove any deposits.
  • You can use hot water in it to brush forcefully.
  • If the vinegar does its work, you shouldn’t require using anything else besides the thermos brush.

4.) Wash to Clean a Humidifier

Steps to Follow:

  • Once you are happy with the level of hygienic, wash all vinegar from the lower part of the humidifier and the tank with tap water.
  • Jiggle to remove any remaining deposits and to wash out the lovely smell.
  • It might take a few time and jiggles to get rid of the entire odor.
  • Once each part air is fully dried, the vinegar odor should drive away.
  • You might have to work hard for the vinegar soak for tough stains.
  • If that don’t work well, replace your vinegar out.
  • If your deposits are fizzing then the vinegar is doing its work quite well by breaking the deposit down and removing it right away.
  • If not fizzing, then change out your vinegar fast that can be more beneficial than using harsh stuffs to get it away.

5.) Maintenance to Clean a Humidifier

Steps to Follow:

  • Weekly cleaning of the humidifier is quite essential for its long life.
  • It only needs a quick shake and movement.
  • It is not tough at all to go through this whole process again.

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