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How to Clean Aluminum?

In this article, we will discuss ways to clean aluminum. It is the most abundant metal found in the Earth’s crust. Now, you can easily understand the fact that every second item you touch is certainly made up of aluminum. Being the most abundant element (metal), it is cheap. All the electrical wire (long distance high tension wire) is made of aluminum. It not only reduces cost but also lightweight. The stuff made of aluminum not only give silvery look but they are also strong and durable. Items made up of aluminum like pans, utensils, surfaces, outdoor furniture and sinks should be cleaned regularly to avoid any damage. Although aluminum oxide prevents it from further damage, still you need to avoid it by regular cleaning.

How to Clean Aluminum

Steps to Clean Aluminum:

1.) Scrubbing to Clean Aluminum

Before you proceed to any treatment to clean aluminum, you should clean the piece of aluminum to remove a nice layer of dust. The first step is to clean aluminum by normal washing. You do not need any special trick to this. Simply, fill your sink with hot water and wash away dust and dirt with dish soap. If you’re washing a pan or pot then make sure to remove all of the greases. If you do not do so you won’t be able to pierce it later to get rid of the aluminum oxide. You can use a scratchy pad. Make sure to clean the edges really well. The final product should be simple aluminum.

2.) Clean off Any Burnt-on Food

The main purpose is to completely uncover the aluminum from underneath. If the pan has burnt food onto the bottom then you will need to get that off completely. Put a few inches of water in the pan and then bring it to a boil. Allow it to boil for five minutes and then by using a flat-edge wooden spatula just scrape as much of it off as possible. Repeat the process couple of times to clean aluminum.

3.) Break Out the Acid

Sometimes to get rid of the oxidation of an aluminum pot or pan is as simple like cooking tomato, apple, lemon, or rhubarb in it. To break out the acid stuck to the surface of aluminum, fill your pan or pot with water and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, cream of tartar, or lemon juice for each quart of water. Now, bring it boil and let it roll for minimum 15 minutes. You can also put some other aluminum utensils you might have. Dump the pot out and check the results. This method works quite well but you need to do this several times. The method will not only clean your pan or pot but also small aluminum utensils if you put them while boiling.

4.) Try to Avoid Any Tough Abrasives

It is recommended that if there are stubborn bits of baked-on nastiness or any heavy oxidation then you can remove it by using either plain steel wool or Brillo Pads. The main problem is that the pads have a tendency to leave your aluminum riddled with visible scratches that make it harder to clean in the future. If you need to use pads then use steel wool which has the finest grade. While cleaning you should apply as the little pressure you can.

5.) Cleaning Aluminum Surfaces

The acid treatment is one of the best methods to clean aluminum. Put a lemon in the fridge for sometimes and then take it off. Cut the lemon into two halves. Dip the cut side in common salt, and start rubbing your utensils. Make sure you don not rub too hard, as the salt is slightly abrasive.

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