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How to Clean Blinds?

In this article, we will discuss how to clean blinds? Blinds look pretty and add to the beauty of your house, but cleaning them is quite a tricky task. So tricky, that in fact many people don’t even think of cleaning themselves and simply opt to take them to the dry cleaners. However, cleaning blinds at home is not as difficult as most you may think. It can be done easily and doesn’t matter, whether they are wooden, plastic, or fabric slats. Below you will find simple and easy steps to clean blinds at home. Follow the instruction carefully for positive results.

How to Clean Blinds

Steps to Clean Blinds

1.) Dusting to Clean Blinds

Dusting you blinds on regular basis, as you do to the rest of your house, will help keep them cleaner for longer period. You will need a duster which lifts the dust right off from the blinds rather than anything else. You can buy one from a local store or you can order one online.


  • For this, take a dusting detergent spray and shower it on the slats to loosen dust.
  • Start from the top and run down to the bottom. Repeat the process for each slat.
  • In case the blinds are very dirty, it is better if you vacuum them first and then follow the above steps.

2.) Steps to Dry Clean Blinds at Home

It is generally easiest to clean blinds while they are still hanging. This is an ideal solution for aluminum, vinyl, wood and fabric. It is best if you don’t take them down.


  • Take a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove any loose dust and debris gently. The brush will use less suction, which is better for the blinds. Start from the top and clean in a downward direction. If you clean them upward, the slats may become unhooked.
  • Follow the vacuum cleaning with a wool duster. Again, begin from the top and work down the slats.
  • In case of fabric and vinyl blinds, you should go for the rubber dry sponge to get rid of the stubborn dust and residue which the vacuum or duster has not removed.
  • In case of spot cleaning soiled areas, you will need to spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a clean and dry cloth first and then rub it on the spot. Do not spray a cleaner directly onto the slats.

3.) Washing to Clean Blinds at Home

For washing, you will need to but blind cleaning tools which are available at most of the janitorial supply stores. If not available, you can make one yourself. Take a pair of BBQ tongs. Take a cellulose sponge and cut it to make it fit into the ends of the tongs. Paste the pieces securely using some waterproof glue. Clamp and let the glue to set overnight.

Washing blinds can be quite messy. It is suggested to keep a tarp or several towels under the blinds to protect your floor and carpet from any drips.


  • Take a bucket and fill it with warm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild detergent or soap in it. It is suggested to test a small area first in order to check for fading or discoloration.
  • Now, take another bucket and fill it with clean and cool water. This will be used for rinsing.
  • Next, take the cleaning tool and dip it in the soapy water. Keep it for a few seconds to let the sponges become saturated.
  • Then, starting from the top, place the blinds slat between the two sides of your cleaning tool and press it together. Now, slide it to the bottom.
  • After that, clean the sponges in the rinse water and squeeze them thoroughly.
  • Repeat the process for other slats as well.
  • In case the blinds are very dirty, you may need to swipe several times on each dirty slat.
  • Once finished, let the blinds to dry naturally. You can also dry them using a towel to remove any excess moisture and to prevent drip marks.
  • Congrats! Your blinds are again nice and clean.

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