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How to Clean Computer Screen?

In this article, we will discuss how to clean computer screen? Whether you’re trying to get rid of the dust from your computer screen or you trying to remove your kid’s fingerprints off your stunning new laptop or desktop, removing such dust, dirt, and oil from the computer screen require you to have right tools for the job. Read below as we show you how to safely clean computer screens.

How to Clean Computer Screen

Steps to Clean Computer Screen

1.) Turn off the Monitor to Clean Computer Screen

First of all, it is not only easier to spot smudges and stuff on your black computer screen but also safe to prevent yourself from getting shock (in case). Cleaning your monitor while it is still on could damage your computer screen. So, switching off the monitor makes the cleaning job easier.

 2.) Clean the Casing and Frame to Clean Computer Screen

When you are going to clean your computer’s screen, you might also want to clean the whole thing. For this you can simply spray Windex or any other gentle cleaning product onto a cloth to wipe the casing, frame, and keyboard. Avoid spraying the cleaning product directly onto the computer as you could accidentally get such product on your monitor, which would damage your screen. Windex and similar products are ammonia-based, and ammonia (with alcohol) can damage your screen seriously by stripping it of its anti-reflective layering or by causing it to get cloud up.  For cleaning some tiny spaces you can use a Q-tip to clean as you can’t reach such area with the cloth.

3.) Wipe with Cloth to Clean Computer Screen

Remember! You should never use paper towels. Paper towels are generally meant to clean up spills around the house. And, if you look them closely, you will find that they are fuzzy and abrasive. So using them to clean computer screen can create a mess. So, it is better to use a clean cloth instead. You can buy a microfiber cloth which is easily available in local market.

A microfiber cloth will not scratch your computer screen and it will not leave behind any lint residue as well. Simply wipe the monitor with this microfiber cloth in broad and straight strokes. Do not press strongly; just a gentle wipe will be enough. After that, take a cloth and dampen with water and wipe again until all the grime and smudges are gone.

4.) Create Your Cleaner to Clean Computer Screen

If you monitor is stubbornly dirty, you can make your own cleaning solution to clean. It is very simple. For preparing this cleansing solution, you will need to mix white vinegar and water in an equal proportion. This will be solid enough to get rid of the worst of the grimes and smudges but use it with gentle pressure as you do not want to damage the screen. Take a microfiber and dampen cloth with this homemade solution and wipe as normal. Again, do not go for any ammonia or alcohol based cleaners, they are not eligible for cleaning your delicate computer screen.

5.) Leave it to Get Dry

Now as you are done cleaning your computer screen with vinegar solution, dry your monitor gently using a microfiber cloth or you can even let it get dry naturally. To avoid any moisture or electrical damage to your system, make sure that your screen is totally dry before you turn your computer back on.

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