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How to Clean Dishwasher?

In this article, we will discuss how to clean dishwasher? Many of us forget about cleaning the dishwasher very often. After all, who cares when the dishes are getting cleaned fast and easily. But, what if your dishwasher stops suddenly? It would be one of the last things that you would want to happen. To prevent this situation, one must take proper care of their dishwasher. For this you should clean dishwasher from time to time. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your dishwasher will ensure its uninterrupted functioning. This is important because dirt, debris and deposits get build up after a certain period of usage. And, such dirt and deposits hampers the performance of your dishwasher. Below we have mentioned some steps to clean dishwasher. Follow them properly to keep you dishwasher fit and fine.

How to Clean Dishwasher

Steps to Clean Dishwasher

1.) Deep Cleansing to Clean Dishwasher

Steps for Deep Cleansing:

  • Firstly, pour water in the sink up to the half level. Add 2 cups of vinegar in it. Clean up around the walls and base while your dishwasher bits are soaking.
  • In case you don’t have vinegar, you can go for lemonade drink mix, lemon juice or a dishwasher cleaning product.

2.) Detach the Holders and Racks


  • Remove the two “shelves” of your dishwasher, as well as the utensil holder and other pieces which are not a part of the racks.
  • In case of small pieces, dip them into the vinegar-water sink for cleaning.
  • Look for any food bits on the pieces. If you find some, clear them using a toothpick or similar tools.

3.) Get Rid of Dirt and Debris from the Holes in Spinning Arms

Get Rid of Dirt:

  • Make sure that all the holes are unclogged and water can run through them easily.
  • In case any hole is blocked, unclog it use some fine pointed tools. You can also try a toothpick or similar tool.
  • Avoid scratching anything if you’re using metal tool. Have patience and be careful.

4.) Wipe the Door and Gasket to Clean Dishwasher

The edges of the door and area around the gasket don’t get cleaned at the time of dishwasher cycle.

  • To clean these parts use a damp cloth and some vinegar solution.
  • Take a used toothbrush and clean into the corners and up under the gasket.
  • Also, remember to clean under the bottom of the door. This is one of the spots where water doesn’t reach, so it can collect debris. Wipe this area using a vinegar rag.

5.) Get Rid of Mildew or Mold

You should also clean the dishwasher from any mildew or mold. You can do this using a bleach powder.

  • For this, always run a separate cycle. Never mix bleach with any other cleaners or with any other dishwasher detergent.
  • As bleach is a potent chemical for both you and on your dishwasher, always use it carefully and only when it is necessary.
  • In case of mold and mildew, let your dishwasher loosely open for some time after every cycle to let it dry out.
  • If your dishwasher has a stainless steel interior, door or any other part, avoid using bleach and detergents that contain bleach.

6.) Look for the Rust Stains

In case your water has iron or rust in it, look for the source of the problem. If there is no rust problem with pipes and other parts, you can use water softeners to get rid of a limited amount of iron from water.

  • Choose a dishwasher-safe rust remover to resolve the issue.
  • You can also take a help from a professional to know the roots of the problem.

7.) Re-Assemble all the Parts Back into the Dishwasher

When you are finished cleaning the filter, grate, arms, and all the other pieces, assemble them back as they were.

Additional Tips to Maintain and Keep Clean Dishwasher:

  • Make sure you use your dishwasher regularly. This will help in preventing food and other dirt from getting build up in the dishwasher. This will also reduce the need to clean it frequently.
  • Before you start running the dishwasher, run some hot water in the sink. This will help get cleaner dishes. You can even reuse the water you run by collecting it. You can use this water for plants or other useful purposes.
  • Set the temperature of your water heater to 120° Fahrenheit 50° Celsius. If the water is cooler, it would not be much effective for cleaning. And, if the water is hotter than it may burn you.
  • Always start with run the garbage disposal before you begin using dishwasher. The dishwasher drains uses the same pipe as sink, so your drain should be unclogged.
  • Run your dishwasher with vinegar periodically. For this, simply put two cups of vinegar at the bottom of your dishwasher and run it on low setting. Stop the dishwasher halfway through. This will allow the vinegar to soak on the bottom for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, switch it back to complete the cycle. You can also let it soak overnight in severe cases.
  • You can sprinkle a half to one cup of baking soda around the bottom in case you find your dishwasher has become smelly. Run the washer as normal after sprinkling baking soda.
  • Always use a mild spray cleaner to clean the front of your dishwasher. Wipe the area using a sponge or a soft rag. Clean the parts such as controls and the handle carefully. Plus, don’t forget to clean the little ledge between the panels as they tend to collect dirt over a period of time.
  • Remember to top-up the dishwasher’s washing aid dispenser once per month or depending upon the usage. Fill the rinse aid as per the instruction given on the package or on the dishwasher’s manual.
  • If you have a water softener, you don’t need to use rinse aid.
  • You can also purchase solid rinse aids. They are easily available in market. You can also order them online.

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