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How to Clean Ears?

In this article, we will discuss how to clean ears? One of the main reason behind your ears getting clogged is ear wax. Ear wax is a natural substance produced in our ears which helps protect it from bacteria and other foreign agents. Generally, people who use ear plugs or hearing aids are more prone to ear wax blockage. Sometimes a lot of ear wax accumulation causes irritation, discomfort, dizziness, itchiness in the ears. It can even cause partial hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to clean ears when there is excess wax build up inside. One can easily clean ears by trying some natural remedies at the comfort of their home. Although, there are several methods available in the market to remove ear wax, but proper care should be taken as ears are very sensitive part of our body. Before we move on to remedies to clean ears, let us know the cause and symptoms of clogged ears.

How to Clean Ears

Causes of Clogged Ears:

  • Accumulation of excess wax inside the ears.
  • Improper cleaning method
  • Use of pointed object can push the wax inside rather than removing it, resulting in wax build up.

Symptoms of Clogged Ears:

  • Earache
  • Hearing loss
  • Fullness or plugged sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Itching of the ear canal
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Discharge from the ear canal

Home Remedies to Clean Ears

1.) Try Saline Solution to Clean Ears at Home

Steps to Follow:

  • Take one teaspoon of salt in around half cup of warm water and mix it until it dissolves completely.
  • Now, take a cotton ball and soak it in the solution. Squeeze out few drops of this solution into your affected ear
  • For this, tilt your head slightly upwards.
  • Remain in this position for a couple of minutes in order to let saline water get inside the ear.
  • Next, tilt your head to the opposite side to let solution drain out from your ear.
  • This will help loosen the wax which will eventually fall out from your ear.
  • This is one of the best and the easiest ear wax removal solution to try at home.

2.) Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Ears

Steps to Follow:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best remedies to get rid of clogged ears.
  • Take equal amount of water and hydrogen peroxide. Mix them well.
  • Ensure that the hydrogen peroxide you are using is not more than 3%. Otherwise, it may be harmful for your ears.
  • Now, pour several drops of this solution into your concerned ear. To make it work, tilt your head sideways and pour the solution.
  • Allow it to settle down in your ear for a few minutes.
  • Now, tilt your head in the opposite direction.
  • This will allow the extra solution to drain out.

3.) Baby Oil to Clean Ears

Steps to Follow:

  • Put a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil using a dropper,
  • This will help soften the ear wax.
  • Allow the oil to get settle in by leaving it for several minutes.
  • You can place a cotton ball at the ear opening to prevent the oil from oozing out.
  • After a couple of minutes, take the cotton ball out and drain out the extra oil from the ear by tilting your head sideways.
  • As the wax will get soft, it will fall out from your ear.

4.) Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol Combo to Clean Ears

Steps to Follow:

  • This is also an effective way to get rid of clogged ears.
  • For this remedy, take equal parts of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly.
  • Now, pour a few drops of this solution into your clogged ear.
  • Wait for a few minutes before you drain out solution from your ears.
  • This solution helps effectively in getting rid of the ear wax,

5.) Olive Oil to Clean Ears

Steps to Follow:

  • One of the most excellent ways to remove the wax from the ear is by making use of olive oil.
  • Olive oil works by softening the ear wax. It makes it easier wax to fall out from the ear.
  • For this remedy, pour two to three drops of olive oil into your affected ear.
  • Pour it during bedtime and close the opening of your ear by cotton. Do not push the cotton too much inside as it will ruin your condition further.
  • Next morning, remove the cotton and you will feel the difference.
  • Repeat the process continuously for three to four days.

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