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How to Clean Flat Screen TV?

In this article, we will discuss how to clean flat screen TV? One of the most used gadgets in most of the household is a TV. The evolution of TV has gone from classic shutter type TVs to Flat screen TVs. Now, there are many types of TV available in market such as LED, LCD, 3D, 4K, Smart TV and all are flat screen. But like any other object in the room, your FLAT STV also attracts dust and fingerprints, doesn’t matter which type of TV you have. However, when it is about cleaning it, you should never treat your TV like a piece of furniture. In spite of your TV’s size and well-made build, its front panel needs special care and handling to maintain its video performance. Below we have mentioned steps to clean Flat Screen TV. Follow the instruction properly to get best results.

How to Clean Flat Screen TV

Steps to Clean Flat Screen TV

  • Before you start cleaning your TV, it is important that you turn it off and wait for a few minutes to let it cool. As TV screen can get hot when it is ON for a long period of time. Also, if the screen will be dark, it will be easier to see the areas which are oily or dirty.
  • Turning the device off will also prevent you from accidentally getting any shock or any other damage.
  • To clean flat screen TV you should use a dry, soft cloth like microfiber cloth. Using it wipe the screen gently.
  • In case the dry microfiber cloth did not remove the dirt or oil completely, do not try to press harder in an attempt to scrub the dirt off.
  • Pressing directly on the TV screen can cause pixels to burn out, especially on LCD or LED TV screens.
  • You can also dampen the cloth with a little amount of distilled water to wipe of the screen. You can also go for a mixture of distilled water to white vinegar (equal ratio). But do this step only if it is required.
  • You can also buy a spray bottle of a special cleaner for your flat screens. These are easily available in market.
  • For cleaning the plastic edges which surround the screen you can use any multipurpose cleaner. But make sure that you do not let it get on the screen.

Tips & More Information to Clean Flat Screen TV

  • You should always avoid using toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, newspaper or something like you’re a rag, or a shirt to wipe your TV screen. This is because such non-ultra soft materials can cause scratches on the display of your flat screen TV.
  • You should also avoid using cleaning products which contain toluene (found in paint solvents), ammonia (for example Windex), ethyl alcohol (like Everclear or any other strong drinking alcohol), as well as acetone or ethyl acetate (which is present in nail polish remover). This is because such chemicals can react with the material that your flat screen is made up of or coated with. They product can discolor the screen permanently or can also cause some other kinds of damage.
  • You should also avoid spraying liquid directly on to you flat screen TV. This is because the solution can get inside the device and may cause severe damage.

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