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How to Clean Grout?

Grout, is nothing but the mixture of sand, water, and cements that fix tiles in a particular place. If they are coming out of the joints of the tiles, then they can be quite difficult to clean. Grout joints easily catch dirt and stains, and when you look at them after some time they will turn from white to black. Read the article to clean grout by applying simple methods.

Clean Grout

Methods to Clean Grout

1.) Ammonia to Clean Grout

Steps to Follow:

  • The first step before cleaning a grout is to clean up the tile. Do your normal wiping process of cleaning down counters and mopping tiles. This will help to take away all the scums from the top layer, and make your task a bit easier.
  • Take a bucket or large tub and mix seven cups of ammonia in lukewarm water. Let all the ingredients to mix fully, so the ammonia is dissolved.
  • Pour this solution in a spray bottle as it will be easy to vapor the dirtiest areas in detail. Fill your bottle fully, and then shake the solution well.
  • Apply on a small part of the tile, only as large as three square feet. Spray your ammonia solution over the grout so it is diminished. Let the solution to rest for a few minutes to clean the grout completely.
  • Use a scrubbing-brush of your need whether a toothbrush, a magic eraser or a hard bristled cleaning brushes. Apply some force into your scrubbing to clean grout from your tiles.
  • When you scrub some pools of dirt liquid has probably created on your tiles. Take a damp cloth to clean this up, and squeeze it out into a separate bowl. This will keep your tiles cleaner in the end.
  • Apply the same method to move onto the rest of your tile, doing a thorough cleaning. Just focus on removing the dirt out and dark areas of your grout, revealing the natural white below.
  • When you are satisfied with your grout cleaning is done, do a second round of cleaning of the entire space. If you were working in a bathroom on counters, use a common cleaning spray and cloth to rub down your tiles. Mop your tiles again, for floors and dry.

2.) Baking Soda to Clean Grout

Steps to Follow:

  • Before beginning to scrub your grout, you must do a basic inspection with your favorite cleaner. If you cleaning your room grout just mop and sweep. For kitchen and bathroom counter, spray, and rub it with your regular cleaner.
  • In a small tub, mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form a fine paste. The amount of both the stuff depends on the thickness you need to work with.
  • Use your toothbrush or finger to apply the paste onto your grout. Apply in a small part only, not larger than three square feet. Keep the mixture thick and fully coat the grout. Let it rest for a few minutes.
  • Use a brush such as the toothbrush for rubbing at the grout. Smear fixed pressure over a small part to lift dirt and stains. The grout is still present then, add more of your paste and rub again after resting it for a few minutes.
  • Repeat the cleaning of grout by adding the mixture and scrubbing it off. Do it slowly to ensure that you have caught all your grout cleaned up.
  • Take a damp cloth to clean the remaining paste on your tile.
  • Complete your cleaning of tiles with a spray cleaner and soap for floors.

3.) Bleach to Clean Grout

Steps to Follow:

  • Remove all surface grime and spots that might make cleaning your grout more tiresome by cleaning down your tile before going for the grout cleaning.
  • Go for your daily cleaning method by mopping and sweeping floors to wipe down counter.
  • Bleach is a safe compound that works by dissolving the bacteria and scum while whitening the grout.
  • Mix equal parts of bleach with lukewarm water and let the mixture to dissolve completely.
  • Select your starting spot, not larger than three square feet, and spray on your bleach.
  • The grout should be coated thoroughly with the liquid. Leave the solution to remove the grout for ten minutes.
  • Use a small toothbrush, to scrub the grout hard. You can also add more bleach while you scrub to keep the place moist and speed up the cleaning process.
  • Take a dry towel and clean up the dirty spots of bleach that stays on the tile when you done with your scrubbing.
  • Repeat the method of applying bleach to the tile and rubbing it out until you have completed all your tiled area.
  • To remove tough stains from the grout, just apply the bleach for a long time. The longer you let it absorb, the simple it will be to remove out the stain.
  • Take a mop for final cleaning of your tile. A final clean will remove any leftover bleach and scum, and leave your grout shiny.

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