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How to Clean Leather Shoes?

Leather is a skin solid that will never go out of grace. It is hard-wearing, strong, and it feels fantastic in the foot. There is only one little problem with them that everyone faces that is how to clean it. There are people who put precaution to one side wind and wash leather shoes into the washing machine. There are also some people who don’t clean their leather shoes if their lives hinge on it. Some are in between these two kinds of people. After writing on how to clean white vans?, we are writing the article to know the steps to clean leather shoes.

Clean Leather Shoes

Steps to Clean Leather Shoes

1.) Check the Type of Leather

Steps to Follow:

  • Check out first whether the leather shoes are made up of finished or unfinished leather.
  • You can find this from the shoe tag or from the shoe box.
  • Unfinished leather requires different cleansing agent than the finished leather.
  • Most leather shoes are finished.

2.) Take Away the Dirt to Clean Leather Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • After checking the type of leather used in leather shoes, remove the dirt.
  • You can clear the dirt with the help of the cloth or a brush.
  • Slowly rub the cloth or brush in all directions of the leather shoes.
  • Make sure you have cleaned the entire surface of the leather shoes.
  • This will help to take out the dirt and stains present on them.

3.) Use Wet Cloth to Clean Leather Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Take a wet cloth after cleaning the leather shoes with a dry cloth.
  • This is done with only the finished leather shoes.
  • If you have unfinished leather shoes then treat it with the help of the saddle soap.
  • You can easily buy it from the most shoe stores.
  • Now, rub a little bit of the saddle soap with the cloth to get lather.
  • Apply the soap lather to the shoes, slowly and gently.
  • Remove the lather.
  • Let the leather shoes to dry properly inside.
  • Do not put the shoes to dry near a room blower or in the sunlight.
  • This can cause discoloration and cracking of the leather shoes.

4.) Use Polish to Clean Leather Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Apply any cream or shoe polish of the same color on the leather shoes.
  • This is done only with finished leather shoes.
  • Leather polish or cream is easily available from the shoe stores.
  • Take a soft cloth to apply the cream or polish on the leather shoes.
  • Wait for a few minutes, and then rub to get a shine.
  • You have to rub only with the help of a clean soft cloth or brush.
  • To bring more shine to it just add a drop of water with the polish.
  • To treat unfinished leather applies mink oil to the unfinished leather shoes.
  • This will help to preserve the leather for a long time.
  • Apply with a clean cloth.
  • Rub with a clean soft cloth.

 5.) Care and Protection

Steps to Follow:

  • After getting tips to clean leather shoes, it’s time to know how to care for your leather shoes
  • The waxes and oils present in the saddle soap will keep unfinished leather safe.
  • For finished leather it is important to protect them at regular intervals.
  • You can buy all type of leather protectors, but old olive oil in your kitchen is the best one.
  • Use a soft cloth to apply a small quantity of the olive oil to your leather shoes and then wait for a few minutes to dry it naturally.
  • The oil will work as a soft waterproofing agent that will provide moisture to the leather shoes to save it from cracking.
  • It will also reduce the chances of stains being soaked into the leather.
  • It’s a cheap and simple way to extend the life of your leather shoes.

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