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How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brushes are an important part of your makeup kit. Using it for a few weeks will make them dirty. Your face’s makeup and natural oils is one of the biggest reasons of the makeup brushes to become dirty. The bacteria also start to accumulate in the moisture of the makeup brush. Cleaning your makeup brushes frequently will not only remove the bacteria, it will also avoid your makeup colors to get mixed. The brush also becomes hard after getting dirty. In this article, we have mentioned some of the methods to clean makeup brushes. Read the article to learn the both methods to clean makeup brushes.

Clean Makeup Brushes

Methods to Clean Makeup Brushes

1.) Cleaning Makeup Brushes that are Less Dirty

Steps to Follow:

  • Check the type of brush before cleaning them. If you are cleaning the cream-based brush, they will require a deeper cleaning than the brush used for powder-based makeup.
  • Wash the bristles of the brushes in lukewarm water to remove the trapped makeup. Make sure that the water doesn’t goes below the metal hook of the handle. This will remove the glue that grasps the bristles together. Wash under the lukewarm water until you’ve cleaned most of the old makeup.
  • The brushes must be angled in a sliding pattern into the stream of water. Once the water gets inside the metal of the handle, it may ruin the brush.
  • Never use boiling water, because the heat may bend the bristles.
  • In a small bowl or cup take some water. You will require half a cup of lukewarm water. Do not use hot water, as it may ruin the bristles.
  • Into the cup or bowl add two teaspoons of baby shampoo and stir slowly to mix.
  • You can also use castile soap in liquid form in place of the baby shampoo.
  • Steep the brush into the mixture and stir. Only the lower part of your brushes’ bristles should be steeped in the mixture so that water should not come up the handle.
  • Take away the brush from the mixture. Release the makeup and grime by softly rubbing the water into the bristles with your hands.
  • Clean the makeup brushes bristles under lukewarm water. Rub frequently the bristles while cleaning them under the lukewarm water until it becomes completely clear. Do not let the handle to get wet.
  • Press the bristles to make them dry. Take a soft towel to slowly remove any left moisture. Double it over the wet bristles and slowly presses it with your fingers.
  • If the bristles became bent, reshape them fast else they will attain the same bent shape. Use your fingers to spread, straighten, and hold the bristles back into their regular shape.
  • After all these steps let the brushes to dry. Avoid laying them on a cloth or towel as it can cause mildew. Put the brush on a counter in such a manner that the bristle part should be hanging over the edge.
  • Fuzz the bristles to clean makeup brushes. When the brushes are fully dry, fluff them a bit again. Your makeup brushes are now ready to use.

2.) Cleaning Makeup Brushes that are Heavily Dirty

Steps to Follow:

  • If you have used your makeup brush for makeup that is cream-based then soap and water is not enough to remove the trapped makeup. You will require some oil to help remove the trapped makeup particularly when it has been on the makeup brush for a long period of time.
  • Take a paper towel, and tip a drop of oil onto it. You can use any oil like olive oil or the almond oil. Soak the bristles of the brush into the oil for some time and give it a twist. Do not soak the brush in the oil for a long time. Slowly rub the brush back and forth on the towel, removing the dirt.
  • Rub the bristles under lukewarm water to clean makeup brushes. Make sure the makeup brush is positioned in downward direction into the stream of water. Do not let the part to get wet where the bristles meet the handle. Once it will get wet it could cause the beginning of rust or the adhesive inside to loosen. Continue running the water in the bristles until you’ve removed away most of the old makeup. Don’t use boiling water, as the extra heat may ruin the bristles.
  • Spray some baby-shampoo into your hand. You can use liquid castile soap in place of baby shampoo.
  • Put the bristles into the pool of shampoo in your hand. Softly spin the brush using circular motions. It should be regularly touching your skin. The shampoo in your palm will become dirty. This is because all the dirt has left the bristles.
  • Clean the brush under the lukewarm water. Gently rub the bristles using your fingertips as you clean the shampoo. Try to avoid getting the handle of the bristles to become wet. Keep doing this step until the water strains clear from the brush.
  • Once the water strains clear remove the brush out of the water and slowly fold a towel round the bristles. Remove the excess water present in the brush using your fingers. Take away the brush from the towel and bend the bristles if required. You can do this by softly pressing on them, puffing them out, or dragging them together into a point. Attempt to attain the original shape as much as needed.
  • Avoid laying them on a cloth or towel as it can lead to mildew. Put the makeup brush on a table or counter in such a manner that the bristle part should be hanging over the edge.
  • Some of the bristles may be clubbed together, even after it has dried out. If this occurs, pick up the makeup brush and give it an abrupt brush.
  • Try the above steps to clean makeup brushes on the weekly basis.

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