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How to Clean Microfiber?

In this article, we will tell you tips to clean microfiber. Microfiber is like a fiber but with very thin threads, that can be formed to look like leather. This makes them a major fabric for the sofas and couches. Sofas are those which have arm rest while couches don’t have that facility. Microfiber has the tendency to repel water and is quite durable. It is well suited for furniture manufacture.

Microfiber couches look like leather, but the covering is basically made of the nylon and polyester fibers. These are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Cleaning them can be a bit difficult, as microfiber is susceptible to watermarks. But, cleaning microfibers with cleaners or dry-cleaning cushion covers removes the dust out deprived of the ugly spots. Furniture manufacturers always try to make you believe that they are resistant to marks and pretty much durable. This is NOT true! Read the article below to learn the easy tips to clean microfiber.

Clean Microfiber

Methods to Clean Microfiber

1.) Brushing to Clean Microfiber

The tight weaving of strongly packed microfibers helps to keep dirt and pollutants away from couch fabric. However that doesn’t mean you don’t need to brush microfiber furniture frequently. Maintain the goodness of your microfiber couch with regular brushing. Use a stiffened fabric accessory to remove dust and brush the linings of the microfiber at the simultaneous time. This will keep them soft for a long period of time. If you don’t like to brush microfiber regularly just vacuum it, using a reliable vacuum cleaner.

2.) Alcohol to Clean Microfiber

Though microfiber is designed to resist water, have a tendency to spills fast. These properties help to prevent foul watermarks from forming. Soak the liquid spilled on your microfiber couch with a towel or white cloth, by pressing the cloth down. Do not rub; just lift the liquid by dabbing.

If stains are present and looking quite ugly, just remove it using rubbing alcohol. In a spray bottle fill rubbing alcohol, spray on the stain in a little quantity and rub with a white sponge or towel. Let the alcohol to dry automatically in open air or speed up the drying by using a blow dryer. Brush the spot with a dry, plastic bristled brush only after drying.

3.) Soap Suds to Clean Microfiber

If your microfiber couch is free of water marks, rub it down with the help of soap suds. In a large bowl add a big spoon of dish-washing liquid and fill it with warm water to make a good lather solution. Soak a clean towel or soft cloth or sponge into the lather only; avoid the water to come in the cloth.

Now, slowly rub the microfiber couch in a circular motion. Remove the lather away with a dry white cloth or towel. Work in segments to keep the sofa from absorbing too much soap water. After cleaning down the whole microfiber couch, rub it with a soft brush to balance and soften the upper portion of the fabric.

4.) Couch Cleaner to Clean Microfiber

You can easily buy microfiber couch cleaner from the nearby hardware store. These chemical lotions are designed for this purpose only. They work in such a way that the microfiber doesn’t get damaged and the couch shines like new one. Follow the instructions written on the couch cleaner to clean microfiber. The chemicals found in the cleaner consist of acetone and alcohol. Do not use it regularly as it can break the bond of microfiber. Once the bond of the microfiber is damaged, it will be quite difficult to regain the same strength and shine like a new one.

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