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How to Clean Shoes Easily at Home?

After writing on how to clean white vans?, we will discuss how to clean shoes easily at home? Most of the people are very particular about their shoes. They prefer to go for some specific brand, color, style, etc. They have different types of shoes for different occasions. It is one of the most important aspects of dressing and styling. You can tell a lot about a person by seeing their shoes. So, you know how much importance shoes have in a person’s personality.

Wearing a clean and nice pair of shoes may not catch attention of others, but getting some dirt or spot on them will surely roll some eyes toward your shoes. Now you may wonder as to how to clean shoes and make them look nice and clean without damaging them. Well, this article has been designed to help you with same. We have mentioned some cleaning steps for different types of shoes. Follow the instruction according to your shoe type and get rid of any dirt or stain from your shoes.

How to Clean Shoes

Ways to Clean Shoes

1.) Steps to Clean Shoes (White Shoes)

In this step, we will help you clean your white shoes. This method is suitable for your tennis shoes and white athletic shoes as well.

Directions to Clean White Shoes:

Steps to Follow:

  • For this you will need a rag, some warm water, an old soft toothbrush, detergent, and some whitening toothpaste.
  • Begin cleaning by removing the laces and soaking them in a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent. Let them soaked in it while you work on your shoes.
  • Take a soft rag and dip it in a mixture of warm water and detergent.
  • Squeeze out the excess solution and start wiping your shoes. Dip the rag several times to get rid of dirt.
  • When finished with it, take a sufficient amount of whitening toothpaste on a soft toothbrush and gently brush with it on all of the spots on your shoes.
  • Do this on the soles as well as on the uppers.
  • When finished, take a clean rag soaked in fresh water and wipe the toothpaste off.
  • Finally, get your laces from the water/detergent solution, rinse them well and let them and the shoes to get dry.

2.) Steps to Clean Shoes Made up of Leather

Cleaning your leather shoes which are smooth is quite an easy task.

Directions to Clean Leather Shoes:

  • If your leather shoes have laces, remove them first.
  • Now, take a soft shoe brush and brush with it over the entire surface of your shoe.
  • This will help get rid of dust and dried-on dirt from the shoe.
  • Next, take about two cups of room temperature water in a bowl and add a squirt of gentle pH-neutral hand soap. Gently stir the soap.
  • Now take a rag and dip it in the solution. Squeeze out the excess solution to make it damp.
  • Then, clean the entire outer surface of your leather shoes using a clean section of rag every time you dip it again.
  • Once it’s been wiped down completely, repeat the process again using a new rag dipped in fresh water to get rid of the soapy solution.
  • Wipe the shoes dry using another fresh and dry rag.
  • Once shoes are completely dry, give it a good polishing. Make sure shoes are completely dry before you polish them.

3.) Steps to Clean Shoes (White Canvas Shoes)

Almost every one keep a pair of canvas shoes in their shoes collection. They’re comfortable. Cheap and easy to clean and care for.

Directions to Clean Canvas Shoes:

  • For you dirty canvas shoes, begin by getting rid of the laces and clapping the soles of shoes together to remove excess dirt.
  • Now take two cup of warm water and mix it in one teaspoon of mild dish soap. Keep a separate solution of mild dish soap for soaking laces in it.
  • Now, take a soft-bristled brush and gently brush every surface of you canvas shoes to get rid of surface dust.
  • Next, rinse your canvas shoes inside and out in the sink using some warm water.
  • Then prepare a thick paste of baking soda and water. Mix this paste with a tablespoon of mild detergent.
  • After that take and old, soft toothbrush and get some paste on it. Scrub the canvas with this paste, especially on the dirty part.
  • Once cleaned, rinse the shoes in the sink using cool water.
  • Now stuff your canvas shoes with white tissue or some newspaper.
  • Keep them to get dry. Avoid keeping them in direct sun or heat.
  • Finally, bring your laces and wash them thoroughly to remove dirt from them. Let them also get dry.

4.) Steps to Clean Shoes (Satin Shoes)

Cleaning satin shoes is a difficult task. This is because they are made up of very delicate fabric which can be damaged easily by attempting to clean them yourself.  Therefore, it is suggested that you get them cleaned professionally. However, if you wish to wash satin shoes yourself, follow instructions.

Directions to Clean Satin Shoes:

  • First, take a nylon stocking and put it on your hand. Now wipe your shoes down with it in a circular motion. This will help remove surface dust and dirt from your shoes.
  • If you want to clean them furthers, spray your satin shoes well with seltzer water. This is usually enough to clean satin shoes.
  • In case this is not enough, then take a large mixing bowl and fill it with cool water.
  • Mix in a couple of tablespoons of gentle dish soap and immerse the shoes in it one at a time.
  • Let them soak in it for five minutes. Then remove and scrub them gently as possible using a softest bristled brush.
  • Now, rinse the shoes using cool water to wash all the soap.
  • Stuff the inside of the shoes with plain white tissues, blank newsprint or paper towels.
  • Keep them somewhere out of the sun and away from direct heat to get dry.

5.) Steps to Clean Shoes that Stinks

To clean smelly shoes you will need to follow below mentioned instruction.

Directions to Clean Stinky Shoes:

  • First take some baking soda put a few tablespoons of it into each of the shoe.
  • Shake them up outside to let the baking soda get everywhere inside.
  • Let them sit overnight
  • Next morning, shake the shoes again.
  • Get rid of all the baking soda from your shoes. You will feel the difference.
  • You are ready to wear them again.

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