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How to Clean Shoes?

No matter how watchful you are its unavoidable: Shoes get dirty. When you go out for the party, office or for a soccer game, then the shoes come in contact with dirt and becomes ugly. After writing on how to clean white vans?, we are writing the article to learn the tips to clean shoes.

Clean Shoes

Ways to Clean Shoes:

1.) Hand Washing Method to Clean Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Start by taking out the laces. Take the help of cotton ball to take away the buildup in the lace holes.
  • Wipe away the loose dirt or debris found on the shoes.
  • Use an old nailbrush or toothbrush to eliminate any dirt trapped in the hollows on the sole as well as scratches or other dogged stains along the edges of the soles.
  • Use water mixed with detergent or dish soap to take away any stains from the upper section of the tennis shoe.
  • Dry your shoes off with an old cloth and put them out in air or direct sunlight to dry.
  • Rub the sole of your shoe with an old nailbrush or toothbrush by applying the rubbing alcohol or a firm paste of baking soda and water.
  • Clean with water and repeat when needed.

2.) Washing Machine Method to Clean Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Clean tennis shoes thoroughly by throwing them in the washing machine.
  • Take away the laces and rub the shoes to take away any loose dust from the ends or soles.
  • In the washing machine put the shoes and laces along for a few towels.
  • In a pillowcase put the shoes and laces to avoid any marks to get on the machine’s drum.
  • Put some laundry detergent as always. Mix one cup of vinegar to clean and diminish any bad odor.
  • For colored or black canvas shoes, clean them with cold water to prevent any kind of fading. Otherwise, clean on warm.
  • After the end of wash cycle, put your shoes out in the air or sunlight to dry.
  • Place some paper inside to absorb extra water and spray some baking soda over the pads to remove any bad odor.

3.) Ways to Clean Suede Shoes:

Steps to Follow:

  • Take the help of suede brush to clean up the suede shoes which you can easily buy it from any departmental store and a cup of white vinegar.
  • Slowly brush off the dirt with the help of a suede cleaning brush.
  • Brush in one direction at a time rather than back and forth.
  • To remove tough stains from the suede shoes use a gum art eraser or a few spoons of white vinegar on a cloth rub gently.
  • Repeat the same process again by cleaning the stains with another brush using a suede brush by moving in one direction at a time.
  • Take a sponge or cloth or towel to dry the shoes fast.
  • It will be helpful if you apply a suede protection after cleaning them thoroughly.

4.) Ways to Clean Leather Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • It’s best to use a cleaner exactly made for leather easily available at all the departmental stores. So you don’t have any risk of damaging the shoe’s class.
  • Take the help of a soft towel with the cleaner to softly wipe from corner to corner of the leather shoes. Do not put the leather shoes in the open space like in sun to dry, as this leads to its discoloration.
  • For strong stains, add equal parts of water and the vinegar to form a solution and apply the solution over the strong stains with a soft cloth until these stains are gone permanently.
  • Don’t forget about cleaning the leather shoe laces. Soak them in a tub or bucket of water with same amount of baking soda and the dish soap for around five minutes. Brush the laces with an old nail brush or toothbrush. Wash in water and let dry.

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