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How to Clean Suede Boots Easily?

After writing on how to clean white vans?, we will discuss how to clean suede boots easily? If compared to ordinary leather, suede is a very softer and more vulnerable material. Not only it can get stain quicker and easier as compared to leather, but it is also much difficult to clean. In contrast to leather, stains on suede can get worse by using normal cleaning materials like soap and water. And you would never want to ruin your suede boots. Thus, it is important to know how to clean suede boots safely and effectively. Below are the steps that you need to follow to clean suede boots.

How to Clean Suede Boots

Steps to Clean Suede Boots

  • To clean suede boots or shoes, you may want to simply spot clean them using water. But instead of cleaning, this may cause additional water stains, making your boots look old, scraped, and faded. However, this does not mean that water is completely out of question. You just need to know the exact way to clean suede boots using liquid. In addition to this, you should have a good quality suede brush.
  • Firstly, take a suede brush and get rid of any surface dirt from your suede boots. This is necessary to make the suede cleaner before you start with further steps. Make sure that you brush with the grain of the fabric, and not against it.
  • If your boots are too scuffed at the edges, use the suede brush to brush in back-and-forth movement vigorously. This will remove any loose fibers. Try to work as close to the scuffed area as possible, to prevent scrubbing the undamaged suede.
  • Any stubborn stains on boot should be treated with water – but since spot cleaning will cause water marks, you should clean the entire boot. This will make any discoloration less noticeable.
  • For this, take a suede brush to apply a small amount of water on the whole boot. Now, scrub at the stained area back and forth.
  • After that, put a shoe tree or some rolled up paper to maintain the shape of the boot.
  • Let it dry naturally. Avoid inserting newspaper, as the ink would get transferred to the fabric of the boot.

Key Steps:

  • Try to avoid spot cleaning the suede boots or other items with water.
  • Instead of spot cleaning, always clean the whole boot using a suede brush, and a very less amount of water to prevent discoloration.
  • In case of tough stains use specially designed suede cleaner.
  • Always read the instructions on the label when using a commercial cleaning product to clean a suede boots.

Protecting & Cleaning Suede

  • The best trick to keep your suede boots nice and clean is to prevent them from becoming overly dirty.
  • Use a suede protector to protect your boots against dirt and water stains. It’s best to apply it when you first get your suede boots and again after every time you clean. Remember, however these products will discourage dirt build up, but they don’t prevent it completely.
  • It is better to check the weather forecast before you head out wearing suede boots. And, if there are chances of rain, try to go for a different material.
  • When you are not wearing your suede boots or any other items, it is better to store them in a suitable way. This will prevent them from any dirt build up or getting damaged accidentally.
  • In case you are packing up your suede boots to wear on a trip, avoid using a plastic bag or any other non-breathable material to transport them. This is because; it will make your suede to sweat. Instead of such bags, use a cotton tote bag, or any breathable material.

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