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How to Clean White Shoes?

After writing on how to clean white vans?, we will discuss different methods to clean white shoes. Almost everyone wear a pair of white shoes at least once in their life. White shoes look excellent when they’re new and spotless. But they are always at the risk of suffering dirt and wear very frequently. And they catch others eye very easily if there is even a small spot on them. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to remove dirt from the. Here we will show some of the ways which you can try to clean white shoes. Follow the instructions properly for the best result.

How to Clean White Shoes

Methods to Clean White Shoes

1.) Cleaning Shoes with Soaps

Steps to Use Soap to Clean White Shoes:

  • Using a soft cloth, remove dirt and dust from the surface of your white shoe.
  • Now get rid of the laces and rinse your shoes with warm water. Wash them on the inside and outside thoroughly.
  • Now, you need to prepare a solution by mixing warm water and a natural soap. You can use sand soap, dish washing liquid and hand soap also.
  • Then using a soft brush, scrub each and every part of your white shoe after applying soap mixture. Remember! No to scrub too hard as it can damage the surface of your shoes.
  • You can remove scuff marks using a nylon backed brush.
  • Now, wash the shoes in warm water once again. Remember to wash both inside and outside.
  • After washing stuff your shoes with the help of paper towels. The paper will absorb all the water and make the drying process fast.
  • You can replace the papers if they get water logged.
  • Avoid using newspaper for stuffing as the black ink can ruin your white shoes.
  • Stuffing will not only soak water but also helps your shoes hold their shape as they get dry.
  • Finally allow your shoes to drip dry completely.

2.) All Purpose Cleaner to Clean White Shoes

Steps to Use All Purpose Cleaner:

  • Take a toothbrush and buy an all purpose cleaner like 409 cleaner.
  • Spray your white shoes with multi-purpose cleaner and scrub the stained areas using the toothbrush.
  • As you scrub, take a clean towel to wipe off excess cleaner from your shoes.
  • Keep your toothbrush wet with the all purpose cleaner solution and continue scrubbing the entire shoe until it is clean and white properly.
  • You can also try cleaning with concentrated DAWN dish soap similarly using a toothbrush. DAWN helps break down grease and removing stain from your shoes easily.

3.) Bleach to Clean White Shoes

Steps to Use Bleach:

  • This bleach method works very well if followed correctly.
  • Before you begin, wear some protective gloves to protect your skin from bleach.
  • Also, avoid using bleach close to carpet or any clothing as it may discolor such items.
  • Now, take a toothbrush and soak it into some warm watered down bleach.
  • Use the brush to get rid of dark stains from your white shoes.
  • This is an ideal remedy if you have a dual color shoe. As you can easily clean the particular area without fading the other color.

4.) Toothpaste to Clean White Shoes

Steps to Use Toothpaste:

  • Take a non-gel white toothpaste and apply it on your dirty shoe with the help of a toothbrush.
  • Use the toothbrush to spread the paste on dirty spots.
  • Once it is applied into the spots properly, allow it to sit for about ten minutes.
  • Then using a damp towel, wipe the toothpaste from your white shoe.
  • Repeat the process as many times as required to make your shoes white.

5.) Dishwasher to Clean White Shoes

Steps to Use Dishwasher:

  • Empty your dishwasher completely.
  • Run the tap next to your dishwasher for hot water.
  • Now add some normal dish washing detergent and place your shoes on the top rack of dishwasher. Make sure you keep your white shoes facing downward.
  • Now run the dishwasher as normal and once the dishwasher is completes a wash cycle, take your wet shoes out and keep them in the sun.
  • If you are not able to keep them in the sun, you can put them into the dryer machine. For this, you will need to add a couple of big dry towels into your dryer along with your shoes. This will help minimize the shoes from moving around a lot.

6.) Washing Machine to Clean White Shoes

Steps to Use Washing Machine:

  • Firstly, spray your white shoes with either a washing machine stain removing spray or with carpet cleaning spray
  • Allow it to sit for around ten minutes.
  • After ten minutes, put your shoes in the washing machine and run the machine on the shortest washing cycle. Use hot water for washing.
  • This process will help clean your shoes easily and give them their original appearance new.
  • Your shoes may shrink a little bit with this method. So make this method as your last option.

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