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How to Clean Your Ears?

Ear wax or scum is a problem that everyone has faced. The human body releases ear wax as a shield to trap the dirt, bacteria and bugs. When this ear wax is released in too much amount it causes serious problems. You will experience from dryness, deafness and many times irritation. Read the article to clean your ears in a few easy methods.

Clean Your Ears

Methods to Clean Your Ears

1.) Ear Candles to Clean Your Ears

Ear candling is a unique way of ear cleaning that many people think it as an interesting alternative medicine and treatment. Simply put the candle into the ear tube, and start burning the other end. The heat trips down the candle, removing the ear wax. This tip is not recommended for the children’s as it can cause fire in the hair. It is safe to health if used in the proper dosage or manner or with the rate of usage, suggested, recommended. Make sure you perform this method with the help of some one not on your own.

2.) Mineral Oil to Clean Your Ears

The wax or scum in your ear is loaded with a lot of oil and removing it is very important. You can use mineral oil to clean your ears without affecting your ear drum. The mineral oil has the tendency to remove the ear wax or scum by melting it down. You can use directly the mineral oil in summers and in winters just warm the mineral oil a little bit. The heat of the mineral oil will help to soften and remove the ear wax, making it simpler for your ear to clean itself. The important fact here is that you’re using mineral oil; it means that you won’t need to fear about dryness or redness, as the mineral oil will coat the soft skin of your ear and look after it. In your ear, pour a few drops of mineral oil, and cover it with a cotton swab. Rest in such a way, so that your covered ear facing in the upward direction. This will help to soften up the scum and wax by the oil. After a while, when you turn over the softened dirt will come out from your ear easily. You only need to lie for 10 to 20 minutes, and applying this method once a week will be sufficient to clean your ears.

3.) Ear Syringe to Clean Your Ears

Ear syringe is an effective way to clean your ears. This method involves some sort of alertness and mental stability. The method involves that water being squeezed from a syringe into your ear canal. The person doing the trick will point the syringe at the boundaries of the ear wax. This will help to loosen up the large scum or drops of wax. The loosed wax and scum can be easily removed with the help of tweezers. It is a highly efficient method of ear-cleaning, and it can easily get rid of ear wax clogs. But, there are some dangers with this ear cleaning tip. In some cases as reported, there is some sort of damage has been seen to the ear canal or ear drum. The immediate pressure of water can disturb your inner ear, causing dizziness and nausea.

4.) Vinegar to Clean Your Ears

The design of the human ear is such that it can do it’s self-cleaning, meaning the structure and shape of ear helps to clean away the scum. You can easily clean your ears at home with some vinegar solution. As it is a speedy way to clean up the ears.

  • Mix up a spoon of white vinegar, lukewarm water, and two spoons of rubbing alcohol.
  • Drop a few drops into both ear.
  • Let the liquid solution to stay in your ears for five to ten minutes to loosen and soften the scum.
  • Turn your head to let the liquid scum to get away, use a cotton ball to clean the mess.
  • It’s an easy and simple way to clean your ears.
  • Try this method of ear cleaning only when there is a serious need of deep ear cleaning. The reason is that the vinegar and rubbing alcohol could cause dryness in your ear, making you quite irritating. This method should be tried on long gap basis not frequently.

5.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Your Ears

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most things used for cleaning out your ears. It helps to take away the ear wax by softening it. Mixing it with lukewarm mineral oil can do remove the ear wax nicely. If you apply it frequently then it can cause itchy and red skin that is not a good sign for your ear. Just pour a few drops of the mixture and wait for a few minutes to drain the ear wax on its own. This method is a simple and easy way to remove the ear wax.

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