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How to Clean Your Room?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to clean your room.  If your room is stuffed with huge piles of clothing underneath, your closet is stuffed with junk and your room looks like an elephant has clambered through it then it is the right time you clean your room. You need to understand that cleaning a messy room requires lots of determination and a well methodical approach to picking up all the random pieces. Do not think much just go ahead and take a first step towards cleaning your room.  Believe it or not, the room cleaning process will not take much of your time if you follow the instruction provided in this article carefully.

How to Clean your Room

Steps to Clean Your Room:

Step 1: Remove Things that Doesn’t Belong in the Room

Your room may fill with some unnecessary items that you do not need and even you have not aware they actually exist in your room as it is messed up. So, get rid of everything that you don’t need or belong to your room.  Put them at their respective places like into a laundry basket or a box. Do not miss any corner of your room, look thoroughly for what doesn’t belong.  Start your process from the door and then moving along the walls and coming back to the room. While searching for things that not belong to your room you should look on furniture, the floor and under the bed. Things that isn’t yours or belongs in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. should go into the box or basket.

Step 2: Organizing the Piles to Clean Your Room

Once your room only has things that belong to it then it’s time to organize the piles. Again check for the things that do not belong to your room and create piles of things that belong together. You need to follow the exact same process by looking top of furniture, the floor, and anyplace else you might have stashed things. These piles have one thing in common which is they will end up in the same place when your room is properly clean. Here are some examples:

  • Sheets
  • Jewelry and other small items
  • Clean clothes
  • Dirty clothes
  • Books and school stuff
  • Computer-related items
  • Shoes

As you move around the room again, you should throw each item you come across into the pile with other items that will end up in the same place.  Your room will be automatically organized when you finish the second sweep. It will look very nice and properly managed purely different it used to be.

Step 3: Tackle the Piles to Clean Your Room

Your biggest headache is now somewhat gone so it is the time to tackle the piles. The major benefit is that each pile contains things that belong to some particular place. You can now easily clean up one pile at a time. Here are some suggestions on how to get rid of the piles quickly:

Clean Clothes: You should take all your clothes straight to the closet and hang them up. That will make an ample dent in the pile. After that, take all your clothes that need to be folded such as T-shirt, jeans, etc. and fold them and properly place them into drawers. Now, take all the little items like, towel, socks, etc. and put them away.

Dirty Clothes: It is very easy to handle dirty clothes as they will go into the laundry hamper or to the laundry room.

Shoes:  You need to match up the pairs and then line them up on the closet floor.

Books and School Stuff: You need to stack them neatly on your desk or on the floor. Make sure you keep them all together.

Do not worry about the time as each pile will not take more than five minutes. The final pile is the box that contents things that do not belong to your room so you need to put them in the room where they belong.

Step 4: Organize for Next Time to Clean Your Room

Once you are finished with the piles it’s time to remember the color of your carpet and plan ahead so that this situation does not arise again. If you do not want that your room looks perfect then also you should make a habit of cleaning your room once in a week. This will not only help you organize your room perfectly but also remove the headache of heavy cleaning.

The pile strategy is brilliant in keeping your room neat and tidy and also save your lots of time. It is very important to keep things together if they belong to each other. Do not throw your shirt, jeans or socks on the bed instead at least throw it into a pile of the other clothes.

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