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How to Cut Glass?

In this article, we will discuss how to cut glass? Most of you may think that you can cut glass using a glass cutter only. Though using a cutter is the easiest method, but it’s not the only way to cut glass. There are many other methods which you can use to perform this task. These methods require only common household items. And, none of these methods are difficult, however you should always remember to wear gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from any accident. Below we have listed some of the methods that you can use to cut glass. Follow the instructions properly for the best results.

How to Cut Glass

Methods to Cut Glass

1.) String Method to Cut Glass at Home

Steps for String Method:

  • It is really possible to cut glass using a string.
  • For this, you need to have a large bucket of water with you. It should be big enough for you to immerse the glass all the way to your elbow.
  • Also be sure that your glass is totally clean and dry.
  • Now, take a fine length of string and soak it in some rubbing alcohol. Then wring it dry.
  • Then, tie this soaked string around the glass where you want to cut it. It is very important that the string is tied strongly. If the string is loose, you won’t be able to cut glass.
  • After tying, set fire to the string.
  • And as soon as the string is all on fire, hold the glass and immerse it into the bucket of water.
  • As the glass is immersed, take a strong stick and hit the glass below the line where you want to cut it.
  • Doing this in the water have two reasons: First, the blow will be softer and second, the water will reduce the vibrations.
  • As you hit the glass it will break along the line of the string.
  • Congrats! Now you know how to cut glass.

2.) Wire Method to Cut Glass

Steps for Wire Mrthod:

  • Another method to cut glass requires you to use wire.
  • Like the string method, this one is also easy. For this method, you will also need water.
  • However, here you will need to arrange a tray where the glass can be laid flat and can be immersed to a depth of three inches.
  • Begin with a clean, dry piece of glass and using a sharp tool score the line lightly where you want to cut it.
  • Be sure that your wire is longer than the cut. Also, make the ends of wire into loops.
  • Now, put a wood through the loops and tighten it to use it as handles.
  • Now, heat the wire until it’s completely red hot.
  • When it is ready, put the wire along the line of the cut.
  • As soon as you’ve finished that, take the glass and immerse it fully in the water.
  • The heat of the wire will cut the glass along the line easily when immersed in the cold water.

3.) Scissor Method to Cut Glass

Steps for Scissor Method:

  • It might be surprising but It is very easy to cut glass using a scissor. Scissor in not only useful in cutting paper but you can also use it for cutting a glass.
  • For this method, you will need a large tray of water. It must be big enough for the glass to be able to immerse fully. Also it should be easy for you get your hands and the scissors to work underwater.
  • To make this method work, begin by marking the glass with a line to know where you need to cut the glass.
  • After marking, submerge the glass completely and simply cut it along the line with the help of scissors.
  • You’ll see that the scissor will cut glass like it cuts a thick paper.
  • The line you cut along may not be perfectly sharp, but you can clean it up with the help of a blowtorch or a whetstone. You will just need to rub it gently on the edges until you have it like the way you want it.

NOTE: These methods are best suitable for common glasses, which are also known as “double strength” (DS). These methods can’t be used to cut a tempered glass, as such glass will shatter when you try to break them.

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