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How to Disconnect a Car Battery?

Your car battery is an essential part of your vehicle. The other important fact about the car battery is that once the car is start, it has no role. It starts your car once you turn the key, and powers all electrical components of your vehicle when it is off and parked. There are times when you have to remove your car battery. It is a simple task that can be done with limited tools.

There are two main reasons you may need to disconnect a car battery.

1.) To Replace it

If your car battery has become old, there might be the chance that it creates problem and need to be replaced. The charge of the battery has reduced and is not offering proper current to the engine to start.

2.) To Check it for Efficiency

If the battery is creating problem as it is not providing proper charge to the electrical components of the car, take it to the professional.

In both the cases, the basic steps are the same. While batteries have various points of power output, the single thing that can differ in the removal steps to the type of terminals a specific battery holds.

Disconnect a Car Battery

Steps to Disconnect a Car Battery

1.) Take Necessary Precautions

The battery has a full charge that is quite fatal, if precautionary measures are not taken to disconnect a car battery. Always wear rubber work gloves for protection. It is also important to wear protection goggles because there is a chance that some of the acidic agents inside the battery may outflow. Irrespective of which type of battery you have, just turn your car off always because those acidic agents are also highly flammable. After following these safety methods and the tools mentioned below, you are ready to disconnect a car battery. Take out any jewelry you are wearing before trying to remove battery as these things like bracelets or necklaces could come in contact with the battery by chance. If they come in contact they can be fatal as they give a dangerous shock. Always do such things in an open environment, as it release harmful toxins. The other reason is that is some mishappening occurs, you can easily run away.

2.) Determine Negative Terminal

Find which of the terminals the negative one is. It usually has a black plastic cover on it. A minus sign will is also located either on the plastic nip or in close proximity.

3.) Pull out Negative Terminal

Take a grip of the negative terminal of bolt head with one pliers or wrench and hold straight.

4.) Take Out the Nut

Take the other wrench or pliers to remove the nut. Now, pull the negative cable off and be away from the battery.

5.) Follow Same for Positive Cable

Follow the same method on the positive terminal. Take care of the two battery cables negative and positive that they do not touch each other. You must also stop the positive cable from touching and moving any metal as it transfers the left over current that can disturb the electrical modules of your car.

6.) Take out Securing Bracket

If the battery is fixed in place with a support, you have to use the wrench or pliers to take out the nuts or screws holding it into place. A plug with an extension may be needed to remove the battery.

7.) Pull out Battery

Now, all the cables and nuts are removed, you can pull the battery out of the case. The weight of the battery is around 40lbs, take somebody help.

These are the simple steps to disconnect a car battery.

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