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How to Do Laundry?

Love it or hate it, every person has to do laundry at a particular point of time in his or her life. It can be a bit confusing initially, and most people don’t find it fun. However it can be done easily, and without any boredom. Read the article to learn the steps to do laundry. You can do it easily without causing any problem if you follow the steps in correct manner.


Steps to Do Laundry

1.) Check Label to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • The first step to do laundry is to check the label of the clothes.
  • Label shows that the clothes should be washed in a regular way or need to be washed in a different way.
  • The symbols present on the cloth can tell you what you require wash a cloth.
  • There will be a figure which shows a side view of the bucket with water. In this a number is mentioned, which shows the temperature that should be used.
  • If a hand mark is present in place of a number that means it should be washed with hand only. It should not be washed if an X is there.
  • The triangle mentioned in white color shows that the cloth can be bleached.
  • One dot in the circle means that low temperature is required, two dots means normal temperature, and an X means no dryer should be used at all.
  • The figure of the iron shows the temperature needed to iron the cloth. The more dots on the iron, the higher the temperature are needed. An X means it should not be used on the cloth.

2.) Separate Clothes to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • The habit of people is to laundry all variety of clothes at the same time.
  • This practice of doing the laundry is totally wrong, as in this the color and size matters a lot.
  • Clothes are generally classified on the basis of color.
  • Light clothes
  • Colored aprons
  • Dark clothes
  • White clothes
  • Delicate
  • Underwear
  • Towels and sponges

3.) Remove Stuff from Laundry to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • Many times you have seen that the pockets of laundry contain stuff that later on cause problems while doing the laundry.
  • Remove all pens, papers, money, or coins from the pocket.
  • Likewise, rotate the chef coats inside out, to avoid the buttons from striking the inside of washer.

4.) Remove Heavy Stains to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • The best practice to do laundry is to clean and wash the heavy stains early on.
  • Many times you have noticed that after doing the laundry, some stains are still present.
  • These kind of stains needs to be treated early on, using a liquid stain remover.

5.) Add Detergent to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • The detergent you are using have a chart that you have always ignored, tells about the quantity that must be used according to the wash load.
  • If you are using a front loading or high-efficiency washing machine with normal water, use the least suggested quantity of detergent into the washing machine.
  • Check on clothes that they need to be washed with bleach, place it in proper dispenser.
  • Make sure you deal with the bleach sensibly as it can damage the skin and eyes if it splashes.

6.) Choose Correct Temperature to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • Color clothes are always washed in the cold water.
  • Usually the white clothes, under most conditions, can be easily washed in the warm water without any issue.
  • To kill lice, mites, roaches and bed linens in clothes use hot water.
  • Go with cold water, whenever in doubt, as hot water can shrink clothes.

7.) Add Clothes to Washer to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • Drop clothes in the washing machine washer but do not add in excess quantity as the clothes won’t be cleaned in a correct manner.
  • Check the load of the washer it can handle and place the clothes according to that only.
  • After the clothes are cleaned, vibrate them out so they will dry easily and with fewer wrinkles.

8.) Dry Clothes to Do Laundry

Steps to Follow:

  • Place your washed clothes in the dryer.
  • Make sure the dryer is emptied a little bit, as a full dryer can cause problems while drying or make it difficult to dry the clothes.
  • Select which drying way you need, whether for white or color clothes.
  • Take your clothes out of the laundry area, fold items, and put them on shelf of cart.
  • Hang on coat immediately after doing the iron to avoid wrinkles.

Additional Tips:

  • Avoid putting anything that may shrink in the dryer that you feel.
  • If you have a large bunch of clothes to wash, then set the washer to its heaviest load setting.
  • Wash a few denim stuffs at a particular time as it needs a lot of space and can burden a washing machine.
  • Check the wash cycle temperatures always.was

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