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How to Draw a Snowflake?

Snowflakes are so attractive and are nature’s true form of art. These are mostly seen on the winter holiday card send by the people. Snowflakes are seen and drawn in a variety of figures and patterns. The popular ones are stellar dendrites, triangular crystals, hollow columns and many more. Snowflakes are formed by the ice crystals that are dropped from the atmosphere. They are mostly seen in different shapes and differ from each other. In this article, we have mentioned some ways to draw a snowflake. You can easily draw snowflake and teach your loved ones to draw a snowflake by reading this article.

Draw a Snowflake

Ways to Draw a Snowflake

1.) Draw Hexagonal Figure

Steps to Follow:

  • The figure should have six level sides joined to each another.
  • The size of your snowflake depends solely on how big you draw your hexagon.
  • If you’re just drawing snowflake for the purpose of practicing it should be as big as possible.

2.) Form Diagonal of Every Point

Steps to Follow:

  • Diagonal is made to form a shape that appears to give an impression of the snowflake.
  • There will be three points to form diagonal of these, starting from each angle of the hexagon to the angle opposite it.
  • Always form the line as straight as possible in length, so that they meet in the mid.

3.) Form a Star in Hexagon

Steps to Follow:

  • Star will make you to feel the look of the snowflake.
  • Star is an important part to draw a snowflake.
  • You can draw this easily by just sketching the triangles among every pair of lines.
  • Just make sure that the star section is even to form a correct snowflake.

4.) Draw Figure of Snowflake

Steps to Follow:

  • On the inner lines of the hexagon, draw the unique shapes.
  • This is the line where you can show your creativity.
  • Draw a variety of exclusive shapes and structures, but for a more beautifully and attractive look, make your snowflake as balanced as possible.
  • Follow your imagination to draw the figure.

5.) Erase Extra Lines

Steps to Follow:

  • The next important step over here is to erase extra lines.
  • Use a soft hand to touch a fine line over your marks made by the pencil.
  • After doing this just openly erase any extra lines to make your snowflake to looks cleaner.
  • Don’t rub hard as it can tear the paper and waste your hard work.

6.) Color Your Snowflake

Steps to Follow:

  • Color your snowflake to make it more attractive and appealing.
  • Snowflakes are mostly seen in white shade, this is because white color shade is more reflective to all the other colors, only if they’re given the proper kind of light.
  • To shape a unique snowflake you should possibly use red or blue color, but don’t be scared to take a new direction and use your imagination.

Another Way to Draw a Snowflake:

Few Other Ways:

  • Casually draw an oblique letter X figure.
  • Now, pull a vertical line over it.
  • Now, make a letter V shape on each line of the X, all over the place of the shape. Highlight every letter V in different color to remember it.
  • Now, make additional letter V figure further up on every line.
  • And make yet another figure of V shape on each line.
  • Now, draw another alphabet V in the other way, creating an arrow shape on every line.
  • Now, imagine the lines that you just sketch like a skeleton or twig figure of the snowflake.
  • Now, start to outline the shape to form a shape like snowflake. This is what the figure should look like a snowflake after you outline it. This is a simple way to draw a snowflake.
  • Erase the extra lines so that you see a figure that looks like a snowflake.
  • Hope you like your snowflake that comes out.
  • Do some coloring in your snowflake to make it more eye-catching and engaging.
  • Snowflakes are generally seen in white shadow, this is because white color shadow is more reflective to all the other colors, only if they’re given the correct amount of light.
  • To form an exclusive snowflake you should probably use yellow or green color, but don’t be frightened to use your imagination.

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