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How to Fold Fitted Sheets?

In this article, we will discuss how to fold fitted sheets? Folding a normal bed sheet is very easy and simple but folding fitted sheets can be a “pain in back”. However, if you follow a few simple steps, you can easily do this task. Once you get used to fold fitted sheets properly, you’ll always want to use flat sheets in the first place. This article for folding fitted sheets is so quick and simple, that you’ll want to share your newly acquired skill with your friends and family. Read below to discover the 10 simple steps to fold fitted sheets.

How to Fold Fitted Sheets

Steps Fold Fitted Sheets

1.) Before you start folding a fitted sheet, make sure that your fitted sheet is cleaned and properly washed. Also make sure that it is relatively free of wrinkles. Taking the fitted sheet immediately after the drying cycle is completed is an ideal way to prevent excessive wrinkles.

2.) In case there are some wrinkles on you fitted sheet, you may want to iron your fitted sheet before you start folding them. When you are ironing it, use the corner of the ironing board as a support to hold the fitted sheet in the place. Now, simply pull back the sheet gently to iron. Make sure that you rotate the sheet around the board while you iron.

3.) Next, to fold fitted sheets properly, start by turning the fitted sheet inside out. Place the sheet flat on your bed or on a large table. Then, look for the points on the bottom corners of the sheet. Put your right hand into the right corner and your left hand into the left corner. This will flip the corners right-side-up.

4.) Now, slide your hands forward towards the two top corners of the sheet. Place your right hand into the top right corner and your left hand into the top left corner. Tuck the sheet corners into one another.

5.) Now, as the two bottom corners of your fitted sheet are tucked into the two top corners of your sheet. While your hands still inside the corners, lift up your entire fitted sheet and shake it out well.

6.) Then, hold the fitted sheet with your arms stretched out apart. The bottom-right and top-right corners will be resting on your right hand and the bottom-left and top-left corners of the sheet will be resting on your left hand. Now, bring the corners of sheet that are resting on your right hand over to the corners of your left hand. Now, lay them on top of the corners on your left hand.

7.) Now, as all the four corners of your sheet are tidily resting on top of your left hand, move down with your right hand and try to straighten out any wrinkled or folded parts of the fitted sheet.

8.) Next, place the sheet back on your bed or a large table and fold down the rounded-off edges to form a rectangle. When you are finished forming a rectangle, fold the top half down over the bottom half of the sheet. Then, fold the fitted sheet into thirds. Now, your properly folded fitted sheet can be stored away in a linen closet or dresser easily and tidly.

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