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How to get Gum out of Hair?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to get gum out of hair. Getting gum in the hair is one of those disasters that we all want to avoid. If it happens to you then put down the scissors. There are few easy ways you should try to get gum out of hair.

How to get Gum out of Hair

To Ways to Get Gum Out of Hair:

1.) Ice to Get Gum Out of Hair

Ice can be really effective remedy to get rid of gum out of hair. If you use some ice all around gum on all sides it will harden the soft wad. Once it is more crispy than corny, you should be able to easily pick at it to remove the pieces. After a few rounds of picking and freezing, you will be able to get most of it out. This method usually works best for smaller amounts because it can be a bit time-consuming to do a large patch. To try this method you need to take a few ice cubes and surround the gum or use an ice pack and fold it over both sides of the gum. Do not assume that you will be able to remove all in a single attempt. However, you might have to try several times until you are sure.

2.) Peanut Butter Oil to Get Gum Out of Hair

They can be effective in releasing the bond between the gum and your hair. However, for many people, it is sort of gross suggestion. While this method can work well and you will definitely have to wash your hair after getting the gum out. These are the greasy ingredients for the most part that make these substances work well. To try peanut butter, mayonnaise or oil as a method to get gum out of hair. Take a sufficient amount and work it in and around all the sides of the wad. Once coated with peanut butter, the oils will begin breaking down the gum in order to weaken the bond with your hair. Thoroughly massage with the oil and you will feel that the gum becoming soften and loosen. Once loose enough to pull down, you can begin trying to pull the pieces as you continue to massage.

3.) Vegetable Oil to Get Gum Out of Hair

The process of using vegetable oil is same as of peanut butter oil. The only difference using vegetable oil is that it is much thinner than peanut butter. You need to use vegetable oil less than peanut oil but it may take more work to loosen all of the gum completely. Although, it works the slowest but you should still be able to get it out.

4.) Vinegar to Get Gum Out of Hair

This method is difficult to use on small children hair. Vinegar is common kitchen ingredient in almost every home and can be used to effectively breaking down the gum. It acts as a solvent as it deteriorates the bond between the gum and your hair. It is completely safe to be used on your hair and many people apply it for other reasons as a treatment. You need to use regular white vinegar. Simply, soak the piece of gum by using a saturated rag. After soaking the wad in the vinegar you will feel it soften and get slippery. You should soak the gum for the sufficient amount of time such that it is easier to take the gum out of your hair.

5.) Petroleum Jelly to Get Gum Out of Hair

Petroleum jelly can provide enough lubrication to loosen and slip the gum out of tangled hair. While using this you should plan on shampooing afterward to get the greasy gunk out as well. You should separate out just the affected strands. Now, simply apply sufficient amounts all over the gum, but also extend up and down to coat. Now, take a comb, and start brushing downward to free the stubborn gum from your hair. This method has a risk of pulling and causing pain, but it has proven way to get gum out of hair fast and naturally.

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