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How to Get Oil Out of Clothes?

After writing how to get sharpie out of clothes?, we will discuss the best way to get oil out of clothes. Oil adds taste to food items but once it gets added to your clothes then it can also spoil your mood. Oil has a great reputation for toughest stains and to remove from clothing, fabrics, concrete, etc. you need proper measures. Despite, oil can give one of the toughest stains; there are some brilliant methods also that bring down the oil stain in a fight. You just need to follow the guide provided in this article to get rid of oil out of clothes.

How to Get Oil out of Clothes

Best Way to Get Oil Out of Clothes:

1.) Cornstarch and Dish Soap to Get Oil Out of Clothes

Cornstarch can be really effective in removing oil out of clothes. You just need to sprinkle cornstarch over the stain. Allow it to soak for at least half an hour to work it properly; you can also leave it for one hour if the oil stain is stubborn. The step is to rub dish soap into the stain. Finally, you need to wash it off using the directions on the care label. Let it air dry.

2.) Hair Spray to Get Oil Out of Clothes

There is an another great use of hair spray other than it meant to be. It can be very effective in removing oil stain out of clothing quite easily. You just need to spray on the oil or grease stain liberally.  It will take quite a lot of it out instantly. Finally, wash and air dry the clothes.

3.) Shampoo to Get Oil Out of Clothes

Using shampoo makes sense as it is designed to get grease and natural oils out of the hair. So, you can also try it for our hair. The process of using it is quite simple, just apply a little of your usual shampoo on the stain and rub it into the stain. Then wash it off as directed.

4.) WD-40 to Get Oil Out of Clothes

WD-40 has numerous uses in our daily life. Among other uses, it works perfectly as an oil stain removal and that makes it a very effective and versatile product. You can commonly found it in the garage and the places where oil is more likely to get on the clothing. You just need to spray it on the stain with and allow it to soak for around twenty minutes. Finally, rub in a little dish soap and wash as directed.

5.) Mechanics’ Soap to Get Oil Out of Clothes

You can find several brands including Gojo, Kutol, and good old Lava. You just need to rub the stain with the dry soap for ten minutes and then allow it to penetrate the whole stain. It has grease-cutting properties that will help to break down the oil stain. Leave it for about half an hour and then repeat the process according to need. Finally, wash it off as directed and let it air dry.

6.) Aloe Vera Gel to Get Oil Out of Clothes

We all know that aloe Vera is a natural ingredient and used for numerous purposes. Now, let it soothe your stain-removal headaches fast and naturally. First, soak the soiled clothing in water, and then rub aloe Vera gel into the stain. Finally, let it air dry for a significant result.

7.) Dishwashing Detergent to Get Oil Out of Clothes

You have surely gone a headache by watching ads on TV about the grease-fighting power of dishwashing detergents. So, why not try it to fight the stubborn oil stains on the cloth. They use chemicals that can easily cut through the grease and get your dishes and cutlery totally free from stains and residues. You need to soak some dishwater detergent to the stain and then rub in the liquid or powder.

8.) Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) to Get Oil Out of Clothes

Blend one teaspoon of TSP ½ cup of talcum powder and one cup of warm water. Make a fine paste by mixing them properly. Now directly apply it to the stain with a trowel or other spreading tool. Allow it to harden on the stain then brush it away. Repeat the step with a diluted TSP mixture of one gallon of warm water with one cup of TSP.

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