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How to Get Rid of Mold?

Molds are quite commonly seen in kitchen and bathroom with a bad smell. The mold grow in moist areas very fast as it suits its infestation process. Mold can be toxic for the health particularly for small kids. You can easily get rid of mold by applying the methods written in this article. The foul smell released by the molds cause fatigue and anxiety for the people. Read the article to get rid of mold.

Get Rid of Mold

Methods to Get Rid of Mold

1.) Chlorine Bleach to Get Rid of Mold

Chlorine bleach is also an immediate solution to get rid of mold. The high amount of hydrogen peroxide in the chlorine bleach has powerful oxidizing properties that kill the molds fast. Use it with proper care and keep it away from small kids and pets. The strong bacterial properties that it contains make it a popular remedy for molds. The solution is also an active way to take away black mold that is one of the more poisonous types of mold.

  • Mix three spoons of chlorine bleach into a gallon of water, just ensure that the solution is well combined.
  • Pour the solution in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on to the affected surfaces where mold is seen.
  • It is important to know that this method cannot be applied on the surfaces that may get marks or react with the chlorine bleach like metal, wood and cloth.
  • The bleaching properties can affect the surface and make it stained.

2.) Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Mold

Tea tree oil is not a popular ingredient for to get rid of mold in your home. The reason for this is its high cost, but it is an effective and natural home remedy for the mold. The antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic nature of the tea tree oil makes it a strong ingredient to remove mold. This also causes skin irritation and redness if not properly used with care. In its undiluted form, it is poisonous if taken in and can lead to severe internal damage.

  • Take one teaspoon of the tea tree oil and two cups of water separately for this treatment.
  • Pour both tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle.
  • Shake well to mix the two ingredients well.
  • Spray or apply the mixture to the mold affected areas and let it rest on the mold till it dries.
  • This mixture works quite well for the cabinets, drawers, walls, and the clothes.
  • The aroma of the tree tea oil is quite strong initially, but after a few applications the smell will dissolve on its own.

3.) Vinegar to Get Rid of Mold

Vinegar is a common ingredient to remove the foul odor released by the mold or mildew. It not only removes the odor but also helps to get rid of mold. To get rid of mold fat, you have to use white vinegar in its raw form without adding any sort of water in it. In many cases, the white vinegar can help to get rid of about 90% of mold. This score makes it an effective home remedy solution.

  • Just pour raw white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Spray it on the affected area and let it do its magic for an hour.
  • Do not clean the area once it has dried up completely.
  • After a few hours you will notice, that the mold and the smell released from the vinegar solution will disappear

4.) Exhaust to Get Rid of Mold

Mold and mildew increase in wet conditions. For moist areas of the home like kitchen and bathrooms, you should use proper exhaust system. Make sure that the leak pipes should be fixed as early as possible to stop mold from growing. Molds generally grow in hard-to-reach places like behind the walls and below the cabinets. Make it a routine to air out your home frequently by opening windows and gates. If you have exhaust fans installed in your home, turn on them to remove the excessive moisture. Keep the curtains of the showers closed when not in use to dry them fast. Also, avoid leaving items like wet towels, damp rugs, or moist clothes lying around because these are the perfect reason for mold to grow in.

5.) Soap Water to Get Rid of Mold

Steps to Follow:

  • Soap water is a popular solution to get rid of mold in first application.
  • As soon as you see mold in any damp area, just use a salt paper or scrubber to remove it fast.
  • Now, clean the area with soap water.
  • To make soap water, just pour some detergent soap in bucket filled with water.
  • Stir it well to get soap water with good amount of lather in it.
  • Use soap water to take the mold away and then continue washing the affected area every day to stop mold regrowth.

6.) Vodka to Get Rid of Mold

Steps to Follow:

  • Vodka provides a great amount of relief not only from the anxiety, but also from the mold.
  • Pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it straight on the mold affected areas.
  • You will observe after spraying that the mold getting removed in a few seconds.
  • Now, immediately clean away the dead mold using a high quality wiping sponge.

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