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How to Get Sticker Residue off?

Kids have a lot of desire for stickers. Pasting stickers is one of the best activities they can do for hours without disturbing you. If you don’t keep an eye on them, those stickers will be smacked onto all kinds of unseen surfaces. You’ll only discover this later on, when these stickers are settled well on walls, glass, windows, and on your favorite fabrics. Read the article below to know the tips to get sticker residue off from surfaces like jars, clothes and walls.

Get Sticker Residue off

Tips to Get Sticker Residue Off

1.) Get Sticker Residue Off from Clothes

Steps to Follow:

  • It is in your hand to don’t let the sticker residue to dry. If it has dried out, then you have to work hard to remove it later on.
  • First check the quality of your cloth before treating it. It means you can select a proper detergent and liquid.
  • If your costume is made of silk, wool, lace, or some other delicate stuff, try to use a mild liquid detergent. Do extra care to remove the sticker residue off.
  • Apply the best quality detergent directly into the sticker residue. You can also try out a branded sticker residue remover.
  • First check the quality carefully first to make sure that it is appropriate for your cloth, as some stain removers have chemicals that are too strong for the fabrics.
  • When using any sticker residue cleaning stuff, always cover your hands with gloves and follow the proper guide lines written on the label.
  • Follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions to wash the cloth.
  • If some of the sticker residue is still persists, then follow the steps on the area again.
  • You can also try rubbing alcohol directly onto the sticker residue stain and wash it again as the normal cloth.
  • Make sure you applied the rubbing alcohol on a hidden area of the fabric first to make sure that the rubbing alcohol and the material are compatible.

2.) Get Sticker Residue Off from Windows / Plastic / Leather 

If you allow your kids to put stickers on the windows of your house or car is a good idea initially. But when you try to get sticker residue off (or they naturally worsen), it is quite difficult to take out. The dust particles present on them makes it quite ugly. Torn little of sticker are not the best of decorations, but neither are dented windows. Read the simple steps in the article to get sticker residue off.

Steps to Follow:

  • Avoid the habit of scratching the sticker residue to get it off from the window. The reason for this is that when you scratch it using a sharp object it scratches the glass.
  • Just moisturize any paper deposit with a damp cloth.
  • Now, apply nail varnish remover having acetone in it and scrub or roll in circular motion on the glue to remove it away from the glass.
  • After rubbing with nail remover, use lukewarm soapy water to take out any left-over glue.

If the sticker residue has been present on the window for a long period time, it will be tough to take away. If the above method doesn’t get sticker residue off, you may have to follow the other method. You can use something like a sharp knife, but be very attentive to save your fingers from it. Make sure you apply it slowly on the surface of the glass not forcefully to avoid scratches on the glass.

Additional Tips to Get Sticker Residue Off

  • Eraser is a common stationary item found in your school or college bag that you use to rub your pencil marks.
  • These are also helpful to get sticker residue off from hard surfaces.
  • The shape of these erasers makes them the ideal stuff for eliminating the small quantity of glue.

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