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How to Get Super Glue Off?

Super glue is a popular stuff all over the world because of its strength of its bonds. It is easy to use and simple to apply. Super glue is the first thing that many crafts persons, contractors use to seal holes, cracks and fix broken items. Super glue is so strong and fixes so fast, that some people by mistake glued two fingers. Read the article to learn the tips to get super glue off.

Get Super Glue Off

Methods to Get Super Glue Off

1.) Clear Spirit to Get Super Glue Off

Steps to Follow:

  • Take some liquid spirit on a clean cloth or tissue, and then scrub on the skin having super-glue.
  • Use emery board to rub your skin, so it can help the clear spirit to loosen the glue.
  • Rub until your skin becomes smooth again.
  • Clear spirit is a soft irritant that can burn the skin if kept for a long period of time on the skin.

2.) Vinegar to Get Super Glue Off

Steps to Follow:

  • Soak the super glue affected skin in the warm and soapy water as soon as possible.
  • It will help to soften the glue fast. Try to add some amount of white vinegar to clear it fast.
  • Now, peel the glue out of your skin by loosening the glue.
  • If this tip doesn’t work, dab the skin dry and read the next step to get super glue off.

3.) Acetone to Get Super Glue Off

Steps to Follow:

  • You can apply nail remover to get super glue off.
  • Nail remover works as an effective remedy for this problem.
  • It has acetone that has the tendency to remove super glue.
  • Acetone softens the super glue having cyanoacrylate.
  • Apply it on the super glue. You will notice that it starts to peel off.
  • Avoid using the cotton ball, cotton reacts very brutally with cyanoacrylate.
  • Avoid using acetone on the sensitive skin like lips, nose, or eyes.
  • Wait till the skin area becomes dry. After drying the skin apply nail remover to remove the glue.
  • Take the help of pumice stone to take away the super glue with warm water.
  • Wait and allow it to peel off on its own.

4.) Petroleum Jelly to Get Super Glue Off

Steps to Follow:

  • Petroleum jelly is a safe and easy tip that can be applied on the skin.
  • You can directly apply your daily use lip balm as it contains petroleum jelly.
  • To make sure about this, just read the ingredient of your lip balm.
  • You have to massage the skin softly with the petroleum jelly for a few minutes.
  • This petroleum jelly will prevent your skin from getting further damage.
  • It will not only remove the super glue, but also moisturize the skin.

5.) Warm Compress to Get Super Glue Off

Steps to Follow:

  • Warm compress is also a great remedy that can be used to get super glue off from the skin.
  • The success of this tip is to follow the detailed steps written below.
  • Just apply some bandage to the glue area.
  • Now, you will have to apply a warm compress on the bandage for about 20 seconds.
  • You can take away the bandage after the application of warm compress, so that you can clean the area with warm water.

6.) Hand Lotions to Get Super Glue Off

Steps to Follow:

  • One of the easiest ways to get super glue off your skin is to use a hand lotion.
  • All the hand lotions will remove the glue easily.
  • You just have to rub the hand lotion on your skin.
  • After applying you will see that the super glue starts to peel off from your skin.

The methods in this article will help you to get super glue off. The best thing in these tips that there is no side effect or pain is involved with any of these methods.

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