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How to Hand Wash Clothes?

Hand washing clothes is quite simple with a good quality detergent, decreasing the time you waste on scrubbing. We do scrubbing to make sure that no stains are left on the clothes. Buy a delicate powder designed to melt quickly and wash with the power of ten hands. First check any product’s label, and apply on a small, hidden area, to make sure it is the right detergent for your clothes before using. Read the article, to know all the basic steps to hand wash clothes.

Hand Wash Clothes

Steps to Hand Wash Clothes

Steps to Follow:

  • Categorize your clothes by its color; separate the light and dark ones to be washed in two different sets.
  • Fill a tub or washing basin or bucket with lukewarm water. You can use a bathtub or plugged sink, if you don’t have any of the discussed one.
  • Apply the liquid detergent or cloth stain remover on the tough stains. Try to use branded one as they designed to remove such stains only. Soak your finger into a cupful, rub it on, and pour the rest of the liquid in the bucket in the same manner as written on the label.
  • You can go for any brand of detergent, but you should buy the right detergent for your clothes to hand wash them properly, as some soft clothes will require a gentle product.
  • Saturate each item of your clothing in the water for a few minutes to make sure they fully soak the detergent.
  • Now, begin to wash each item. Rub and turn the clothes so they get in-depth wash.
  • Wash with warm and clean water. Wash each cloth under the tap water and squeeze out until all the detergent is removed.
  • Spread the clothes to air.

Things to Avoid while Hand Washing

Things to Avoid:

  • Avoid dropping the clothes directly into the hot water. Make sure that the cloth can stand that temperature by looking at the label of the cloth. Some clothes need to be cleaned in cold water to avoid shrinkage.
  • Avoid everlasting staining on clothes by treating them fast. Take proper action and hand wash the clothes as soon as possible to make sure your hard work is successful.
  • Avoid washing with detergents that cause skin irritation and do wear gloves while hand washing. This will save your sensitive skin from getting damaged from detergent wash liquids.
  • Avoid damaging your delicate clothes with a strong detergent. This can made them weaken, shrink or discolored. Always wash garments and clothes made of silk, lace or wool with an appropriate liquid detergent.
  • When buying the clothes, follow the important hand washing method and buy a mild, soft wash detergent especially for hand washing clothes.
  • Avoid your clothes to hang for drying them up. Let the clothes to dry in air and you can do this by placing them out on a clothes bracket. This will make them wrinkle free while drying as they stretch during the drying process.

If you have a washing machine at your home, the most important thing you need to inspect is whether you really have the need to do hand washing of all clothes. Most clothes these days can be washed using the washing machine, possibly using the hand wash cycle, however some clothes still need the little hand wash only labels.

Soft clothes like wool or silk require a bit of more care when it comes to washing them. Make sure you have checked the labels on your clothes before putting them in the hot water. This will ensure that none of your desired clothes are tumble-down.

Many of us are so familiar to washing machines these days that the rumored of hand washing clothes can seem like a hard work.

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