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How to Hang Curtains?

A beautiful room with badly hung curtains is like a lovely lady wearing too small pants. All the other things in the room also look weird and cheap because of it. It stands out in a vibrating way and just makes you feel uncomfortable. Read the article to learn the correct and right way to hang curtains.

Hang Curtains

Do to Hang Curtains

Steps to Follow:

  • Use a rod that is broader than the width your house window.
  • This will also avoid enough space for the sections to hang on both side of your window.
  • It will also force the section to cover the window at all times.
  • You will also assume that the window is much bigger than it really is.
  • The basic rule is to go with 10″ wider rod than your window.
  • If you are using the curtains of cafe-style, the curtain should fall to touch the floor.
  • These are the high-water section of curtains and are not good-looking.
  • A little lowering of the curtain can be nice thing if you want a loving feel but if you are worried about getting them dirty, then stop the curtain before touching the floor.
  • Always make your curtains to feel complete, not inadequate.
  • If you really wish to close your curtains on time, the curtains should be approximately two times the breadth of the actual window.
  • Place the rod quite high; this will make the window to appear taller, make sure you place your curtain rod above the top of your window.
  • The basic rule is that they should be placed six inches above the frame of window.
  • Go for the curtain fabric that outfits the temperament of the room, and its purpose.
  • Lighter combinations feel unplanned, while darker fabrics feel more recognized and offer more secrecy.
  • Try roughly like linen for a windier feel or hefty velvet for drafty windows.
  • A simple pattern ensures that you hang every curtain rod at the similar height for each window, and that your rods won’t be bent.
  • You can use a measuring tape or cardboard piece to mark the same exact point to hang curtains.
  • This tip is quite simple and useful to measure the accurate height to hang curtains.

Steps to Hang Curtains

1.) Buy Rod to Hang Curtains

Steps to Follow:

  • Buy the rod according to your requirement whether you want to open and close your curtains by pulling a thread or by manual pulling.
  • A rod that uses a thread is called as a traverse rod. The back part of the traverse rod has a sequence of plastic carriers onto which the curtains panels are hung with the help of hooks or pins. The curtains then slide open or closed as the thread is pulled.
  • A rod that needs you to open and close the curtains by hand is called a stationary rod.
  • In this the curtains are run on the rod panels and can be pulled open or closed easily.
  • It is an important step to hang curtains.

2.) Check the Measurement of Window to Hang Curtains

Steps to Follow:

  • Taking correct measurements is important when hanging a curtain rod.
  • Measure six inches above your windows and mark the measurement with a pencil or marker.
  • If you want to give the impression of higher ceilings, mark one inch below the ceiling for your upper measurement.
  • You may have to alter this measurement a little if your rods have large handles.

3.) Make Hole to Hang Curtains

Steps to Follow:

  • Using the holders that came with your curtain rod, grasp it in place at the height you measured and small marks with pencil to specify where the screws will be placed.
  • Make the hole small, only enough to put the screw in it.
  • Don’t use screw directly it will damage the woodwork.
  • The rods will get loose, if you make the hole big, as it may be wide for the screw to fix.

4.) Put Anchors to Hang Curtains

Steps to Follow:

  • Buy steel anchors from your local hardware store and slowly hammer them into the holes.
  • It will be there for the curtain rod hardware.
  • The anchors will help confirm that your rod stays fix in one place.

5.) Place Rod to Hang Curtains

Steps to Follow:

  • Using the holders that came with your curtain rods, tight the brackets to place rod into the anchors fixed in your wall.
  • Ensure that your screws go directly into the wall, not at diagonally.
  • Place the rod with curtains put into it with the help of curtain hooks.

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