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How to House Train a Puppy?

House training your puppy is all about regularity, tolerance, and positive strengthening. The only purpose to house train a puppy is to make the puppy learn good habits and form a loving bond with you.It usually takes six months for a puppy to get completely house trained. Some puppies take more time around a year to do this. Small breed puppies have small bladders with high metabolisms which mean they need more regular trips outdoor. Your puppy’s earlier living surrounding is also a major condition to house train them. If these conditions are there then you need to help your puppy to quit old habits in order to begin more required ones. Don’t worry about the setbacks while you are training your puppy.

If you regularly take your puppy outside as the first sign of elimination and offer rewards to him then he will learn fast. Read the article to know the steps to house train a puppy.

House Train a Puppy

Steps to House Train a Puppy

1.) Form a Schedule to House Train a Puppy

The way babies do best on a steady schedule, puppies also. The schedule shows puppy that there are particular times to eat, play and to do potty. A puppy can manage his bladder for an hour according to its age and breed. So if your puppy is around one month old, then it can hold it for about one hour. Don’t go extended than this bathroom break else it is the surety that some miss-happening is going to happen. If you are not at home, then you’ll have to lease a dog walker for your puppy for his bathroom breaks.

2.) Fix a Place to House Train a Puppy

Fix a bathroom place outside, and make sure you take your puppy to that place always. During the eliminating process of your puppy, use the word like go pee. This word will remind your puppy to eliminate at that place only. Take your puppy out for an extensive walk or play with him only after he has eliminated properly.

3.) Praise every time to House Train a Puppy

Praise your puppy every time after eliminating outdoors. Reward him or love him for this thing. Make sure you do this thing directly after its elimination is finished. Never praise your puppy after it comes back into the house. This step is quite crucial, as praising your puppy after eliminating outdoor is the best way to teach him what’s expected of him. Before praising him, be sure that he has finished eliminating properly. Puppies are easily confused as if you reward her too soon, he may overlook to finish eliminating and he’s back in the house.  It is an important step to house train a puppy.

4.) Feed Regularly to House Train a Puppy

Feed your puppy in a regular manner. If puppy feeds on schedule it will eliminate on schedule. What goes into him on the schedule comes out of him on the schedule. Puppies feeding solely depend on its age, as they need to be given food three to four times a day. Feeding them at a particular time each day will make them to eliminate at regular times as well. This is an important step to house train a puppy and makes the house-training easier for the puppy.

5.) Remove Dish Bowl to House Train a Puppy

Remove your puppy’s dish bowl around two and a half hours before the bedtime to decrease the possibility that he will need to potty in the night. All puppies can sleep for around eight hours without having to eliminate. Don’t prepare it as a big deal, if your puppy wake you up in the mid of night, then, he will consider it as the time to play. Once he starts to play, he won’t go back to sleep again. Do not turn on all lights of your house, don’t love him or play with him at night, immediately take him out to do his elimination and bring him to his bed.

All these steps are important one to house train a puppy. If you do this regularly with your puppy for a year then it will be trained and never make you feel embarrassed.

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