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How to Make a Fortune Teller?

After writing how to make a cootie catcher?, we will discuss the best way to make a fortune teller. Paper fortune tellers or cootie catchers are fun little origami toy for predicting someone’s future. The outside of fortune teller has a color or number. When someone picks the number or color then there is corresponding open or close. This is a fun game which is really easy to place and make. You just need to follow the steps to make a perfect fortune teller.

Steps to Make a Fortune Teller:

Step 1: To Make a Fortune Teller

How to make a fortune teller 3

Take a standard 8.5 x 11-inch sheet or an A4 size paper to make your paper fortune teller.

Step 2: To Make a Fortune Teller

How to make a fortune teller 2

You will need a square sheet so if you have rectangular one then make it square. First, lay the paper down vertically on a flat surface in front of you.

Step 3:

How to make a fortune teller 4

Now, fold one of the top corners in order that it gets align with the edge of the paper with the side opposite of the corner that you started at.  The result should look like as shown in the image above i.e. a right trapezoid.

Step 4:

How to make a fortune teller 5

The rectangular strip at the bottom needs to be discarded as it is not required.  There are two easy ways to get rid of this.

Step 5: To Make a Fortune Teller

How to make a fortune teller 6

Now, you have the square, recognize the fold line going from the corner to the opposite corner. You will need to create another fold line moving from the corners that do not have the fold line, a corner to opposite corner. You need to fold in the same direction as the other folds. So, if the square paper folds towards you i.e along the diagonal, then, new fold should also have to fold towards you. The final result should be a square with 2 intersecting folds along with the diagonals. The folds should make 4 identical triangles within the square.

Step 6:

How to make a fortune teller 7

Now, first turn the paper over such that the both the diagonal folds will be folding away from you. Take all the four corners and fold them inwards pointing towards the center. Use this intersection of the folds as the main reference for where the four corners should easily meet. The final result should look like a smaller square.

Step 7:

How to make a fortune teller 8

Repeat Step 6 but on the other side by turning the paper over and fold the new corners inwards pointing towards the middle of the paper making an even smaller square. The part you will see is the inside of the paper fortune teller.

Step 8:

How to make a fortune teller 9

You are ready to go but till then fold and unfold the square in half both ways. The outer part of the paper should be on the outer part of the fold.  Now, this is to ensure that the fortune teller will work.

Step 9:

How to make a fortune teller 10

Now, your fortune teller is ready to predict other’s fortune. Just open up the bottom of the paper and push out the flaps as clearly shown in the image. The sections are made to put your fingers.

Step 10:

How to make a fortune teller 11

Super Easy!  You’ve made your paper fortune teller or cootie catcher.  You can now decorate it, however, depends on upon you. Simply, pull the tabs back and forth and have fun.

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