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How to Make a Paper Boat?

After writing how to make a cootie catcher?, we will discuss the best way to make a paper boat. There are various types of activities you can do with your kid both outdoors and indoors. However, sometimes it is quite tough to come up with a game plan. You can do a simple project with your kid to make a boring day bit interesting, especially on a rainy day. It is the time to teach you kid the easiest way to make a paper boat. The best thing about this project is that it doesn’t require any expensive material. All you need is a notebook or printer paper with some folding skills.

How to make a paper boat 1

Steps to Make a Paper Boat:

Step 1:

How to make a paper boat 2

Start with a sheet of paper and fold it in half from top to bottom. You can simply refer the image corresponding to each step. Now, make a sharp crease and then unfold the piece of paper and again fold it in half but this time vertically. Then, you need to again  unfold so that you have 4 creased quarters. Finally, fold again horizontally.

Step 2:

How to make a paper boat 3

Now, fold the top corners to perfectly line up at the center crease making the triangular folds while leaving at least two inches of space at the bottom.

Step 3:

How to make a paper boat 4

Fold the top strip at the bottom of paper up over bottom of the previously made triangle. Then, flip the paper over and repeat  the step for the bottom strip. Then, take bottom corners and tuck them in one side, folding the other side around the edge of triangle.

Step 4:

How to make a paper boat 5

As shown in picture, you should put your hand inside bottom fold and after that, gently spread the two sides apart until the paper looks like a diamond shape. Now, fold the bottom strips upward aligning them with top corners. After doing this you will need to flip the paper over and repeat the process.

Step 5:

How to make a paper boat 6

Now, open the bottom of the new triangle with the fingers again ( as you did in step 4) and after that, fold up the bottom corners to create another square shape.

Step 6:

How to make a paper boat 7

Now, you can pull the triangles on the side of square apart lightly so that the middle fold of the square opens but the paper doesn’t tear or get damaged. The central part will pop upward and now you are done. Your paper boat is ready to float in water.

Step 7:

How to make a paper boat 8

Although you can make a paper boat with any standard 8.5 x 11 sheet but o make a bigger paper boat, you will need any paper that has the same rectangular proportions. You can also get highly creative by using colored paper instead of using white printing paper. If you are using white paper then also you can decorate with different sketches on one side of the paper. You can also decorate the boat with markers, crayons or stickers. Make your boat first voyage little exciting by placing small objects like a paper clip or rubber band. Your kid will definitely love to play with paper boat.

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