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How to Make Silly Putty?

In this article, we will discuss how to make silly putty? Here, we will help you learn three different ways to make your own homemade silly putty. This homemade stuff will not be exactly like the commercial Silly Putty. But it is very simple to make one almost similar using some household ingredients. Follow the instruction properly to get the best result.

How to Make Silly Putty

Ways to Make Silly Putty

1.) Laundry Detergent to Make Silly Putty

Steps to Follow:

  • To make silly putty using laundry detergent, pour one-fourth cup of white glue in a container. The amount may not be the same as the total amount of putty you are looking to get. In case you want more, you can adjust the recipe as per your need.
  • Now, mix in some food coloring (if you want to). Then simply add a few drops in the glue and mix it thoroughly.
  • Next, take two tablespoons of laundry detergent and add it to the mixture. Remember! Do not substitute laundry detergent with dish soap. This is because; the consistencies will not be the same. However, you may either go for a liquid or you can use powdered, both will be fine for the job.
  • While you are mixing, you will notice that it is turning from a sticky, soppy mess to a semi-solid, putty-like consistency. In case you find it sticky even after several minutes of mixing, simply add in more detergent. Add a bit by bit while mixing and check for the consistency again.
  • When you get a putty-like consistency, work on it with your hands. This will help you keep developing the consistency of the putty. Squeeze out any excess soap you feel.
  • The, keep it in an airtight container.
  • Finally, you can store the container in the refrigerator to prolong your silly putty’s life.

2.) Liquid Starch to Make Silly Putty

Steps to Follow:

  • Take two parts of white glue and mix it with one part of liquid starch. Make sure the liquid starch is concentrated. You find one in the laundry section of local store.
  • Go for a fine brand of glue. You can buy an all-purpose glue to make your silly putty work. Avoid using any school glue as the putty will not bounce.
  • If you want, you can add food coloring now only or you can skip this step. Take an enough amount as the color will disperse and lighten up significantly.
  • Now stir the mixture well until it forms a fine consistency. Adjust the proportions until it becomes like commercial silly putty.
  • When it’s almost formed, take it out from bowl and shape it using your hands. You will have to work on it a bit to get the desired results. Stretch it apart, roll it around, and twist it to make it work.
  • Next, place it in a clear, plastic, re-sealable container after you’re done using it.
  • To store it for later use, make sure your putty is not exposed to air. It will be better if you keep in refrigerator. Storing in refrigerator will help it sustain for a longer period of time.
  • Instead of refrigerating, you can keep it in a re-sealable plastic bag. Just be sure that it is sealed up all the way.

3.) Borax to Make Silly Putty

Steps to Follow:

  • Take one-fourth cup or two ounce of glue and mix it with 1/4 cup of water in a bowl. Stir it well until it forms a combined consistency.
  • Now, add some food coloring of your choice if you want. Remember! The more color you add, the darker your silly putty will get.
  • Now, add one tablespoon or 15 grams of Borax in one eight cup or 30 ml of water. Make sure that it is completely dissolved as you don’t like your putty to become grainy.
  • Next, mix both mixtures and as you keep on mixing it, you fill find it getting thick. In case it is too sticky, you can add more Borax in it. Continue mixing it until it feel like silly putty.
  • Afterwards, take the mixture in your hands and work on it for five to ten minutes.
  • Congrats! Your silly putty is ready to use.
  • You can store it in an airtight container for future use. You can store it in as refrigerator as well.
  • When you take it out later, you will need to rework to get it into shape. Do not leave it out in the open as it will start losing its shape.

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