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How to Make Snowflakes?

Snowflakes are loved and are considered as a symbol of prosperity. People share the cards having snowflakes printed and drawn on it during the Christmas Eve. It signifies the customary White Christmas. On Christmas, it is quite common to make snowflakes with paper by folding a slice of paper numerous times, using scissors to cut out a pattern and then unfolding it. Snowflakes are also considered as symbols for expressing winter or cold conditions. For instance, snow tires which develop traction during the harsh winter conditions are tagged with a snowflake on the peak symbol.

Make Snowflakes

Ways to Make Snowflakes

1.) Make Round Snowflakes

Steps to Follow:

  • Bend a part of paper in half.
  • For a simple snowflake, regular printer paper is just good.
  • To form a fancy snowflake, decorate your paper in advance with a colored pencil, marker or crayon.
  • You can also go for the colored paper to make snowflake.
  • Find the middle of the paper on the bend paper.
  • Forming a triangle by holding the bottom corner of the paper and bringing it to the center.
  • Now, bend it again, rotating over the folded angle.
  • Slightly form a cone shape by ending the paper to being folded into thirds.
  • If you found that unclear, bend one side over the one-third ways and then bend the other part over to wrap the first side.
  • When you’re working on your soon-to-be snowflake, make sure you keep the point downward.
  • This is the middle of your snowflake.
  • You have a small cone like shape in your hand.
  • Cut off the cone paper top in a small arch shape.
  • Make sure you cut over all the layers just somewhere the top layer ends.
  • It should look quite attractive.
  • You’re now prepared to make your snowflake.
  • Now, start cutting the paper cone.
  • You may want to start with a very easy manner and then go to the more complex patterns.
  • But you are a beginner it is advised to start with small cuts.
  • The smaller the cuts the more complete your snowflake will look.
  • Open the snowflake slowly.
  • You’ll have your first hexagonal snowflake in a few seconds but opening needs some endurance as it will tear if you show impatience.

2.) Make Angular Snowflakes

Steps to Follow:

  • Take a sheet of printing papers.
  • Make an ideal square by taking the end corner and putting it over to the top, at a crosswise manner.
  • Take off the extra paper to work only with the square.
  • Make sure the creases of paper are stiff and straightforward at all steps in this process.
  • If they’re not spotless and even, you may end up with an unsteady snowflake.
  • Bend the paper in half way, to form a triangle shape.
  • This is the same method you made in the earlier step and is only stated in case you extended it to cut.
  • Once it’s bent, bent it again, to create an even minor triangle.
  • At this point, you may bend it again to make a diverse, much reduced, base for your snowflake.
  • Folding it again and again creates more difficulty for the children’s to work with.
  • Now, start to form cuts in a large number. It is here the snowflake gets really good.
  • If you are quite creative then, you’ll see a snowflake that’s tricky, subtle, and complete.
  • Cut in the form of arcs, angles, and whirls to get the most out of the snowflake.
  • You may find it helpful to grab the midpoint of the snowflake.
  • However you can cut it and the snowflake will grip organized.
  • The more paper you cut, the thinner it will be.
  • This is not a wrong thing to do.
  • If you’ve made a number of cuts, and you are trying to unfold the snowflake, so be careful.
  • These cuts make the paper so weak that it tears easily.
  • These cuts are very small; which makes the layers of paper stick together.
  • If you’re not amazed with your design pattern, fold it back up and take a few more blows at the paper.
  • Problem solved.

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