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How to Open a Jar?

In this article, we will discuss the simplest way to open a jar. Usually, we do not face any major problem while opening a jar. We just need little bit pressure to break the seal then by just twisting the lid you can easily pop the cap. Sometimes, it becomes a headache to open a jar. Even enormous muscle power also get failed to open a jar lid. In that situation, you will need a proper technique to open a jar with ease.

How to Open a Jar

Top Methods to Open a Jar:

Method 1: Find Something to Grip the Jar

Some jar lids are quite slippery and it can be really difficult to get a good grip on with your hands. So, you need something that firmly grips the lid of the jar. It will become much easier to open a jar. You can use following to grab jar lid:

  • A rubber jar opener
  • A silicon pad
  • A rubber glove
  • Grippy shelf liners
  • A wide rubber band

Now, firmly grip the lid with your chosen item and place the palm on the top of the lid. You need to apply pressure after that. Properly grasp the edges with your fingers. You should hold the jar steady in the hand.

Now, twist the jar lid in the anti-clockwise direction. Maintain a strong grip on the jar to avoid spilling the contents in the jar. You can also grip the lid firmly and apply some force on the jar instead the lid. If this method did not work for you then follow the other methods.

Method 2: To Open a Jar

For this method, you need to hold the in your non-dominant hand. Hold the jar at some angle (prefer 45-degree) with the bottom exposed. Now, slap the bottom of the jar with the center of the palm. This will produce a water hammer effect and as a result, the pressure near the lid will increase and break the vacuum. You should not slap the jar bottom so hard, it may hurt your hand or break the jar itself. You will defiantly hear a “pop” sound when the seal breaks. Now, you need to repeat the above-mentioned method of twisting the jar lid to open it.

Method 3: Breaking a Vacuum Seal with Hot Water

Take water in a bowl and bring it to heat, do not allow the water to reach its boiling point. Keep the water below its boiling point throughout the process. The bowl should contain enough water to drown the lid when you turn the jar upside down. Bring out the flame when water is hot. The hot water will heat the cap and do the trick easily. You can use enough hot tap water to cover the lid. Alternatively, you can run hot tap water over the lid. While doing this method you should make sure that only lid comes in the contact with hot water but not any part of the jar.

Put jar lid in the water while preventing the other part getting in the hot water. The hot water will expand the lid and break the seal temporarily. Leave the lid in the water at least for two minutes. Take out the jar from the water and wipe off the water, open it up.

Method 4: Breaking a Vacuum Seal with a Kitchen Utensil

You need a utensil to grip the lid. For this purpose you can use number of different kitchen utensils like:

  • A butter knife
  • A teaspoon
  • A bottle opener
  • An old-fashioned triangle can opener
  • Any other strong, thin-tipped object

Carefully place the edge of the utensil under the lid. Stick it in a manner such the bottom of the lid just over the mouth of the jar. Now, push the utensil until it is wedged between the lids and jar.

Use utensil like a lever by applying force to it. Detach the lid from the jar after breaking the seal. Dash the utensil over and repeat the step at another spot of the jar lids. You will hear a “pop” sound when the seal breaks. Now, remove the lid by rotating it counterclockwise.

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