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How to Polish Silver?

Silver is an attractive and shiny metal that is used in the making of jewelry. After wearing the jewelry for a long period of time, it starts to lose its shine. To regain its shine, follow the tips we have mentioned below in this article. Polishing the silver is basically the way to regain its old shine back. Read the article to polish silver by you.

Polish Silver

Tips to Polish Silver

1.) Aluminum Foil to Polish Silver

Dull silver is easily polished like the new one using the aluminum foil. Take one liter of water, two spoons of baking soda and a piece of aluminum foil in a bowl to boil it. Drop your silverware in the bowl for a few seconds depending on the dullness of the silver. Now, take out silverware using the kitchen tongs. This is very good way to polish silver. If still some dullness is there then make a thick paste with half cup baking soda and one spoon of water. Apply on the dull area with a sponge, then clean and dry.

2.) Detergent Powder to Polish Silver

Detergent powder which you use daily for your laundry also helps to polish silver. To make your silver jewelry or utensils sparkle like the new ones use detergent powder. In a bowl with aluminum foil line in the base of the bowl, mix one spoon of detergent powder. Now, soak your silverware for one minute. Wash with clean water, and dry.

3.) Ketchup to Polish Silver

If your silverware is dull and you want to polish it then use ketchup. Apply a small amount of ketchup on a paper towel, and scrub mildly over the dull areas. Clean with the water and feel the difference. If your silverware isn’t getting shinier at all, then wait for ketchup to work for fifteen minutes on the silverware. Now, rub softly with a cloth and clean it properly. Use a toothbrush to clean candlesticks or decorative silverware.

4.) Cornstarch to Polish Silver

Corn starch helps to remove the dullness from the silverware. Prepare the paste of corn starch and some water to apply on the silver. Use a damp fabric, let dry, and then clean off with a little mildly harsh stuff, like muslin cloth or a rough towel. You can use cream of tartar if you don’t have the corn starch.

5.) Toothpaste to Polish Silver

Toothpaste helps to take out the dirt and stains from the silverware. The fluoride present in the toothpaste opens the grip of the dirt and removes it. Apply a few drops of toothpaste on the stains and use cloth to apply it. Brush softly to remove the stains and wash it with the tap water.

6.) Vinegar to Polish Silver

To regain the luster and shine of your old silver jewelry and utensils use vinegar. Just by soaking it in a half cup of white vinegar. To boost its efficiency mix it with two spoons of the baking soda for a few hours. Wash it under the cold water, and dry carefully.

7.) Lemon Juice and Salt to Polish Silver

Lemon juice when mixed with the salt helps to remove the stains from the silverware. It doesn’t matter how old are the stains, lemon juice removes it instantly. The acidic nature of the lemon juice clears the pores of the silverware. Just take a spoon of lemon juice and some salt in a bowl. Mix it well and apply it on the silverware and rub slowly. Wait for a few minutes and wash it with cold water.

8.) Chalk to Polish Silver

Silverware will stay glossy if you put a few pieces of chalk in the table drawer or trunk where you store silverware. The chalk will soak up the moisture, stopping your nice silver utensils from ruining.

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