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How to Potty Train a Dog?

Potty training your dog should be a simple process, unless you take the time and anxiety to get into a good routine. Firstly, you will have to form a particular routine around your dog’s needs. These needs are quite predictable when they are quite young. Dogs need to urinate straightaway after waking up, so you must be there to take your dog directly into the garden without any interruption. Eating its food excites its digestive system and dog normally urinates within half an hour of eating, and eliminate within an hour of eating. Dogs have very limited control on their bladder, and need to urinate every hour. They can urinate suddenly when they get thrilled, so take your dog out regularly if it has been playing, active or exploring. Read the article to learn the methods to potty train a dog. These methods are quite simple and easy to implement without any issues.

Potty Train a Dog

Methods to Potty Train a Dog

1.) Supervise Him/Her to Potty Train a Dog

Don’t give your dog a chance to dirt in the house. Always keep a watch on him whenever your dog is indoors. Chain your dog to you or an adjoining piece of fittings with a big chain if you are not regularly playing or training with him. Check for signs that your dog needs to eliminate. Many of the signs are clear, such as squatting or scratching at the door, barking, and restlessness, smelling around.

When you see these signs, straightaway grab the chain and take your dog outside to his regular bathroom spot. If your dog eliminates, reward him with a delicacy and praise him excessively. Keep your dog on chain in the lawn. During the potty training method, your lawn should be considered like any other area in your home. Give your dog some freedom in the lawn and house only after it has become reliably potty trained.

2.) Restrict Him/Her to Potty Train a Dog

When you’re not at home or with your dog at all times, limit him to a space small enough that he won’t want to potty there. The area should be just large enough for him to easily lie down, turn around and stand. You can use a portion of a laundry room or bathroom closed with baby gates. If you want to crate train your dog and restrict him in the crate. If your dog has spent a few hours in small space, you’ll need to take him straight to his bathroom spot the minute you let him out and reward him when he eliminates.

3.) Overlook Mistakes to Potty Train a Dog

Expect your dog to have a series of accidents in the house initially. It is a normal thing of potty training. Scold your dog when you see him eliminating in the house. Do a surprising noise and make sure not to scare him or say go out. Straightaway take him to his regular bathroom spot, reward him, and give him appreciation if he finishes eliminating at the bathroom. Never punish your dog for eliminating in the house or lawn. If you see a dirty area, it’s quite late to do a correction. Just remove the filth. Rubbing your dog’s nose in it, scolding him and taking him to the spot or any sort of punishment will make him scared of you or troubled to eliminate in your company.

In reality, punishment will often do more harm than good. Remove the filth area properly. Dogs are highly interested to carry on eliminating in places that smell like feces or urine. Contact your veterinarian or store for stuffs designed particularly to clean areas spoiled by pets. It’s quite important that you follow the direction and confinement methods outlined above to reduce the number of accidents in the house. If you allow your dog to eliminate regularly in the house, your dog will get confused about where he has to eliminate particularly, which will extend the potty training process.

4.) Make Plans to Potty Train a Dog

A dog which is not big enough cannot be expected to manage his bladder for more than two to three hours at a time. If you are a regular outsider or stay away from the home for more than five to six hours a day, then it is not the great time for you to get a dog. Instead, you may get a place outside where you can chain your dog, which is close to your work place. If you already have a dog and you stay away for long periods of time, then do this:

  • Contact your friends, a professional pet sitter or a helpful neighbor, to take him for a walk outside to eliminate.
  • Educate him to eliminate in a particular place indoors. If you don’t educate him of doing this, it can extend the process of potty training.
  • Teaching your dog to eliminate on paper may form a life-long surface for the dog, meaning that even he becomes older he may eliminate on any paper lying anywhere in the living room.

5.) Paper to Potty Train a Dog

When your dog must be left alone at home for a good period of time, keep him to a place with enough space for sleeping, playing and for eliminating. In the particular elimination area, use either waste paper by covering the full area with numerous layers of paper or a grass container. To make a grass container, place grass in a container such as a small toy or shoe box. You can also buy dog products for eliminating at a pet supply store only. If you wipe up filth in the house, put the paper rags or towels in the particular elimination area. The odor will help your dog to recognize the area as the space where he is supposed to eliminate.

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