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How to Remove a Splinter?

In this article we will discuss we will discuss different ways to remove a splinter. It feels amazing walking barefoot over the lush field of grass. But, it feels like hell when a splinter gets inside the foot. The itchiness and irritation caused because of the splinter is unbearable. A splinter is also known as silver; it is a wound which is generally caused by thorns, wooden shavings, and other debris which cuts and penetrates into the skin. Splinters inside the skin can cause a lot of pain and need to be deal as soon as possible to get relief from the pain and discomfort. In case the splinter is a small piece of glass then you should not try to press it hard as it can get deep into the skin, thus making it more difficult to remove. So, below we have mentioned some safe and easy home remedies to remove a splinter. Follow this remedy accordingly.

How to Remove a Splinter

Remedies to Remove a Splinter

1.) Baking Soda to Remove a Splinter

Baking Soda works effectively in case of tiny, invisible splinters which are deeply penetrated in the skin. To get relief, you can make a paste of baking soda to apply on the splinter affected skin to get the splinter out.


  • Spread a paste made up of baking soda and water on the splinter.
  • This will force it to come to the surface.
  • Apply the paste and wrap the area with a band-aid as well.
  • Leave it for a few hours.
  • Later, remove the bandage and wash the paste.
  • Now you will find it easier to pull the splinter which has been forced to the surface.
  • After removing remember to apply some antiseptic on the skin.

2.) Adhesive Tape to Remove a Splinter

Adhesive tape is another fine remedy to get rid of splinter. This remedy is easy safe and very effective against splinter. Here is the method.


  • Firstly rinse the affected skin around the splinter using soap and water.
  • Dry the skin well and paste adhesive tape over your splinter.
  • Now, rub the area with your fingertip and press it down gently and slowly.
  • Wait for about a minute and pull the tape in one swift motion.
  • This will drag the splinter out with it.

3.) Tweezing to Remove a Splinter

If the sliver can be seen easily, you can try this tweezing method. Here is the method to apply it.


  • Firstly, sterilize the tips of tweezers using alcohol.
  • Now, hold the splinter using the tweezers, and pull it carefully and gently to slide the splinter out.

4.) Needle to Remove a Splinter

This is another effective way to remove a splinter if there is a soft, transparent layer of skin over the silver. Here is the method to do it.


  • Firstly sterilize the tip of a needle using a rubbing alcohol.
  • Now, mildly press the needle close to the silver and scrape it out.
  • This method is applicable for silvers which are under a thin layer of skin.
  • In case of splinters in the foot covered with a thick layer of skin, this method is not suitable as it can cause pain and discomfort.

5.) Potato Remedy to Get Rid of Splinter

  • Keep a thin slice of raw potato on the splinter area in such a manner that the fleshy part is in the contact of the splinter.
  • Now, press the potato slice gently downwards and then take it off carefully.
  • If the splinter pierces the potato slice, it can be lifted off very easily.

6.) Glue as a Home Remedy to Remove a Splinter

  • Drop a small blob of glue on your splinter affected area, if you can see it easily.
  • Let the glue to dry for some time before peeling it off.
  • The splinter will get stuck to the glue and become loose. You can easily pull the dry glue layer.

7.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid of Splinter

Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the best home remedies to get rid of splinter. This remedy is easy safe and quite effective to use. You can use this remedy to remove a splinter from your hands and feet.


  • Firstly, cover the affected area around the splinter with the help of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Application of hydrogen peroxide will make the area to swell and become inflamed.
  • This will make the splinter visible easily.
  • Now, you can remove a splinter with the help of tweezers to lift the splinter off.

8.) Eggs as a Home Remedy to Get Rid of Splinter

Egg is another fine ingredient to use against splinter removal. Here is the method to use it.


  • Crack an egg and empty its content into a small container.
  • Now, place the shell of the egg on the splinter making the moist part facing the splinter.
  • The egg shell will cause the splinter to get loose.
  • Now, you can remove it easily without any discomfort.

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