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How to Remove a Stripped Screw?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to remove a stripped screw. Removing screw is not at all difficult task but sometimes the head of a screw becomes worn and that’s make it impossible to remove even after lots of efforts. Now, you have understand that why we are discussing the ways to remove a screw. If the screw is stripped then its removal will not going to easier. No doubt that the stripped screws are really aggravating but do not think they are impossible to deal with. It requires totally different approach to deal with but it can be pretty easy once you choose right technique.

How to Remove a Stripped Screw

Best Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw:

1.) Rubber Bands to Remove a Stripped Screw

It is quite important to try some common stripped screw removal methods and if they did not work then try anything fancy. So, start you fight using a rubber band to remove screw. This is quite popular, easy, effective and safe method to implement. You just need to put a rubber band over the stripped screw, and then firmly insert the screwdriver. The driver will find its grip through rubber band and then slowly unscrew the fastener. If you do not have access to rubber band than use a bit of steel wool or some of the green abrasive from the scouring side of a sponge.

2.)  Pliers to Remove a Stripped Screw

Inspect the screw head closely to remove a screw with pliers. Look for any gap or space between it and the surface to which it is fastened. If you manage firmly holding the screw top with pliers then just try to twist or rotate to remove from the surface. If you manage to turn the stripped screw only once then it will be a lot easy to loosen and pull it from the surface.

3.) Hammer to Remove a Stripped Screw

This method is not recommended if the screw is fastened to the wooden item. This method will work perfectly if the screw is made up of soft metal.  The idea is to beat down the top of the screw to make extra grip to twist the fastener. Soft metals are usually easy to bend so it might retain some grip to hold driver. The soft metal screws are most likely to become stripped in the first place.

4.) Flat-Head Screwdriver to Remove a Stripped Screw

Flat head screwdriver can really effective to get rid of stripped screw if it has a Phillips’ head.  These drivers are specially designed to fit in the stripped screws. You may have to apply enormous force to pull screw with flat head screwdrivers. You should do a smart thing by combining this process with the rubber band method described above.

5.) Oscillating Tool to Remove a Stripped Screw

If you have a Dremel in your workshop then you can make a DIY tool to remove stripped screw. Take one of the handy oscillating tools and affix the metal-cutting disc to create a new, deeper slot in the screw head. This process should be followed up with a flat-head screwdriver by pressing it firmly into the hollow and twisting it slowly.

6.) Drill to Remove a Stripped Screw

The main problem with stripped screw is that the screwdriver can’t able to grip the screw. If you able to make a small whole in the stripped screw then it can allow the screwdriver to reach deeper into a screw. This will also help achieve a better grip on the stuck fastener. You will need certain drill bits to make this method possible. You should choose the bits that are designed to drill metals not wood. Drilling should be done gently as any mistake will end up popping off the screw head.

7.) Nut to Remove a Stripped Screw

This step requires some experience in with welding techniques and you will also need the necessary equipment on hand. However, this method will ensure complete removal of pesky stripped screw. Do not attempt this method until all above mentioned methods got failed.  Weld a small nut to the top of the screw head and wait until it binds the screw. Now to remove the screw you will need a socket wrench. All these techniques will not only help you this time but also in future  and assure you it’s not the end of the world.

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